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As the new congress begins its work Democrats in the house have a plan of their own to reopen the entire government without money for the border wall. CBS correspondent Nancy Cortes tells us eight years after giving up the speaker's gavel Nancy Pelosi used poised to reclaim it. Democrats are regaining this measure of power in Washington. Thanks to a forty seat. How swing from red to blue and a record number of new women members the biggest headache for President Trump. Democrats will now. I have the power to pursue his tax returns and probe foreign spending at his DC hotel. They'll likely subpoenaed documents related to the separation of migrant families at the border and reopen Russian meddling investigation. House Republicans closed last year police say two people were found dead in a running car inside a New Orleans east garage early this morning, according to the Yano PD officers responded to the home on briar heath drive around midnight and found Marcus Willis junior and his girlfriend mukisa dead in the car, according to investigators the cause of death has not been released. Also, it's the new year, and we spend so many hours online is likely to be a year of security to cover yourself WWL. Jim hanzel has that. Of course, change your passwords for the new year. The longer the password the better, but Darryl dot com. Comtech industry says we should all be using multi factor. Authentication where you get a text message or Email with a code that authorizes a particular machine that you may be using to access the accounts took your password is compromised or copy or guest, and it from a machine that hasn't been used before or in in a while, then it's still going to ask you to authenticate that via your phone or via an application on your on your phone or desktop dot com. Says it's also a good idea to delete apps that you haven't used for a while the Louisiana legislature seeing a high turnover rate WWL skirts Miller reports fifteen percent of the legislature has quit before their terms are up later this year. Twenty two lawmakers by the Associated Press count resigned from office in January twenty sixteen political analyst burning Pinson and knows lawmakers have been doing a lot more actual work lately. Like seven special sessions in addition to their regular meeting. Is over the last three years. Your family is a political parts and shifted people. Don't like the criticism you're getting for not doing this or not doing that. Chris Miller WWL first news. It's not too late to add one more temporary resolution to your New Year's west. You can join the growing number of Americans who are taking the pledge to give up drinking for January is one resolution that might actually make you healthier in the new year, especially because of the long term benefits of even decreasing your alcohol content by one day, you may decrease it throughout the year. So it can have longer lasting benefits than just January. Dr Whitney hardy with the honor health center says going without booze will improve your skin and your quality of sleep WWL news time, eight oh four. Now. The business report, I'm telling for Kushinka with WWL first business news brought to you by home Bank. The US oil industry. Strong support for President Trump is on the rock says the president calls for even lower gasoline prices and keeps up a China trade fight that's raised deal prices for oil companies and may threaten US. Oil exports to China, the oil industry's main trade group says tariff and quota policies are hitting America's natural gas and oil industry from multiple directions. Early on Trump was an oil industry, darling. As he cut environmental regulations taxes up ended the Paris climate deal discussed ending electric car subsidies and hired pro oil Texans like Rex Tillerson for top cabinet positions. It could be another rough day on Wall Street after apple acknowledged that demand for iphones is waning and news came in a letter from apple CEO, Tim cook to the company shareholders released after the stock market closed yesterday. Sending apple shares skidding nearly eight percent in pre-market trading on Wall Street futures are sharply lower. That's WWL. First business news brought to you by home Bank invested in business focused on you..

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