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David cohen hosted biden's first presidential campaign fund raiser so he's very friendly with the isp's yeah don't bet your don't don't don't bet your heart on net neutrality kids then lots of other stuff including Continued pressure on china. Probably with a different approach more in concert with europe The gig economy. There's going to still be pushes against uber and lift action on bias in a and facial. Recognition reformer the h. One b. system for tech workers to remove limitations on green cards. And and and so much more. So if you wanna follow more of that you'll probably get a little of it over on politics politics politics. I would guess indeed well. Let's switch from a potential biden administration. Sarah to a memorial an anniversary of sorts. Yeah kind of both of these things. Let us hearken back to november twelfth nineteen seventy when doug brazil and paul linneman captured historical event with sixteen millimeter color reversal. Motion picture film. You might say what was that event. I wasn't around. Maybe i wasn't even alive. The exploding whale yes owning oregon because three days earlier that same year forty five foot sperm whale had washed up on the beach. Beached whale was not alive near florence oregon and not only was it to bid to kurt away. Hit become begun to smell very bad neighborhood. Not happy back then. The whale was meant to explode into a million tiny pieces using around twenty cases of dynamite. Everyone kind of says now. We didn't have enough dynamite. It was supposed to be eaten by birds and just kind of disappear in general. Become part of the part of the The circle of life. But that didn't exactly happen. Brazilian linemen men say that they had to run to escape. The fly in blubber and one chunk of airborne blubber was so big at flattened a car. So they're kinda lucky to be alive now. The oregon historical society bring it back and has the original sixteen millimeter footage from that day converted. Digitally remastered four k resolution for all to enjoy in the modern age. And by the way. If you're wondering if exploding whales are still happening the protocol today is to bury. Awale of this is not safer right. This is one of the classic the initial like internet a liam like thousands the first one of the first viral videos. It's finally calling him not done. Yeah that poor whale i mean i know wail was a goner anyway but so is such a violent way to go. A friend of ours knows a guy who was there and back a a a military demolitions and new immediately this was going to be a fiasco and moved his car of miles. I was five months old. But i remember it well. Let's check out the mail bag. It paul wrote in a few people did. But we'll repulsing haven't thoughts on our apple coverage from tuesday and the sixteen gig ram limit on the new m one. Max paul says to think it would even come close to using six to sixty four gigs on a current mac. Mini means that apple. Apple is super magical. This new chip a new chip architecture won't affect ram usage by four x..

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