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Straight out of a fashionable New York restaurant. there are jobs on offer he wrote Warsaw Deloitte jobs that pay well and promise a bright shining future team lead Andrey Abele SGA has a problem she can't find the kind of people she wants to hire here in Poland many of the would be financial whiz kids she explains have gone to work abroad there were people who went abroad because the fault it will be easier to build a career and we want to give that opportunity but we don't get the right candidates how does that feel for you is someone who who needs to recruit people to do a job I feel frustrated because one aspect is obviously I would prefer that people want to live here and they want to work for our country on the other hand it's frustrating on a business level we struggle with finding the right people it is not of course just finance workers in short supply doctors teachers lorry drivers and headdresses are among those for a much needed in Poland an obvious solution would be to invite workers in from other countries Poland's ruling Lauren justice party has a strongly anti immigration stance the party's leader Jaroslaw kitchen ski one said immigrants bring parasites so instead the government has announced a program to encourage polls working abroad to come back by way of incentive it's cut taxes it is offering generous benefits for young people and families and according to one of the party senior politicians they told Russia Kaski another appeal is the standard of living which Poland now offers it's quite easy to be employed and the other aspects she's a safety safety of life does no terrorist attack there are no demonstration it's a very free society in them so I hope that sooner or later of young couples from west to the Ural photos of from the United States they decide to come back to Poland. it's certainly a good time of year to see the positive side of life imposed and it's been a very warm summer here the sun lights gleaming on the roofs of some of the grand to buildings here in war sort I'm just sitting in a pavement cafe with rather cosmopolitan menu and with me is Barbara yen savage from also university's center of migration research barber the Polish government hopes to neo back some of the millions of migrants who left the country to work abroad do you think that's going to work I think the Polish government is right to try to get those people back however when someone lives abroad for several years they get used to the cultural get used to all the things that are related to living in this particular place sometimes they start a family the children go to school day don't speak Polish as well so people who are abroad for a very long time are less likely to come back Isabel Bonnie just returned to Poland off to four years living and working in Britain and believes the tech sector could give other opponents emigres a reason to come back although she acknowledges that one or two changes in national behavior might also help here when you look at this exhibition around us you can see why it's worth coming back to pundit there are chances here to develop an mazing technology are there any other things that can change here in Poland in order to to lure people back I believe what would definitely make Paul and more appealing to pose for a broad right now it's kind of a positive attitudes as long as you know you change even those small things that smile you mean they will come back in to push people into a man to smile I believe smile is so important that it will definitely make a difference if I can make people smile I can make calls from U. K. come back here a smile is a start to pull most reporting for more so there about whether Poland can actually lower its best and brightest back to the homeland smiling and more that is at stay with us here on Newsday shama Lawrence with you this morning more hurricane Dorian and rescue efforts as it's very sad. wrong storm continues to mama comma grand Bahama island..

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