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The children of karaka sda primary school on the outskirts of the ganden capital kampala this list number one what are we going just ten years old then learning how to spot unreliable medical claims a useful skillet or country would dodgy medicines are routinely pedaled the key teaching tool is not elaborately illustrated textbook written in the style of a comic it features several recurring characters john and julie the protagonists professor compare and professor who explain what is considered as a credible plane and what isn't and kazuko a troublemaking parrot he repeats everything he he is a sort of avian room among the kids all love zuqiu in the story being taught in front of me john gets a burn and is told that caradon will help heal it drako sti is one of one hundred twenty schools which took part in this huge randomized trial involving ten thousand children is the first of its kind anywhere in the world to see if children could be taught how to evaluate claims and children pick up on this message with comfortable of clarity elizabeth who's nine gave me an example of how she could claim she his all around her neck has just announced and radio yet the person who announced it just wanted to get money many people try to sell medicines and they say it'll cure you yes they do in order to get that's useful to be able to ask whether it really works useful indeed these critical thinking skills can save lives allen sandy is a researcher mccarey university college of health sciences these a lot of news in the pay has on the radio these a lot of things that have being saved on loudspeakers in the road with our health systems people are able to walk into a pharmacy and get anything that they can come across their people that were applying medicines that are used for treatment of animals to treat certain conditions if people aren't able to critically think through these decisions then we're in a situation where some lives could even be lost so how's.

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