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They'll direct you to online campaigns and power and help fight Injustice and black community that all you need to do is sign up and they'll literally just email you important petitions to sign and things that you can do. So it's a really for lack of a better word convenient way to make a difference without having to seek out a lot of external resources. That being said you should still be seeking out other ways to help but It is really great that like I can wake up in the morning and there's petitions in my inbox that I can sign and I know that no matter what else happens in my day. I have at least done that long. So bare minimum join color of change and signed petitions that they send you. It's 100% free and you can also invite your family and friends to do it too. And then of course just like read books and listen to podcasts like the one I was just mentioning about Arian Foster that just are from people that have different perspectives and backgrounds than your own, you know to just broaden your horizons, especially talk about these issues donate to fail funds. I know here in Massachusetts, you can do Mass bail fund act blue has a page where you can donate and they'll stick your donation across multiple organizations. So you can kind of sprinkle the love all over. Yeah, and we're going to link that to in the description friends of mine and family member. Asked what they could do for me my birthday and I sent them the ACT blue page people who have the ability to donate donate or support businesses owned by people of color. People are making lists of black owned restaurants in different cities that you can order takeout from to support them businesses online that you can shop for clothes jewelry candle beauty products. HomeGoods all kinds of things that are owned by black people and you are supporting not only small businesses, which has been like a huge thing during coronavirus of supporting, you know, shop local support businesses, you're doing that. You're also supporting black people and helping them just do your part to make this world a better place for yourself for your future for your children for Humanity at the end of the day just like what kind of person do you want to be? This is not the time to stay on the sidelines. This is the time to stand with Humanity be on the birth. Side of History we need to make the world. We need to make the future better than the present. We have two. That's the end of my rant and that's the end of our show. Thanks so much for listening this week. We hope you got something out of it and we have another pretty cool interview for you guys. Yeah, BoB Kendrick who is the president of the Negro Leagues museum has been a friend of mine out for a few years. I'm lucky to call him a friend. I've interviewed him for girl at the a few times and when we started the podcast, I really wanted to have him on as a gift because I admire him so much. He's taught me so much and he has some of the most incredible baseball stories and he is a person who looks at the world and sees everything that's wrong with it, but he still has the most positive outlook. He uplifts everybody. He talks to we're definitely not trying to get back home. Sports because we want to talk about important issues and sports is really not at the top of important issues list right now talking to BoB Kendrick is kind of the perfect mix of them going on in the world right now and a little bit.

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