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It didn't come out of left field and say, wow, I didn't know he was capable of that if Wade Miley all of a sudden strong gets a hold of him all the tech guys can figure out how to increase his spin rate, and he winds up winning fifteen sixteen ballgames. I'm gonna tell you right now. I'm going to be shocked. And and I'm one who believes in what the Astros do. But the reason I'm going to be shocked is because if you look at Wade mile lease track record. I mean, look at it. If you look at wait molly's track record. It's not the best track record. You have ever seen. In two thousand twelve Wade Miley went sixteen and eleven you thought interesting. But look at what happened to his career ever since ten and ten eight and twelve eleven and eleven and then he goes to Baltimore doesn't survive the season there. Losing record that year between both Baltimore and Seattle comes back to Baltimore losing record again. And then last year he goes to Milwaukee yet. Another funny little baseball team. Doing what they do with their pitching much like the Tampa Bay rays and in sixteen starts spanning only eighty innings. He winds up going five and two. And if you look at Wade majlis game log. It's not like Wade Miley was going seven and eight innings. He wasn't. Think about it there. I am looking at it right now. I see one two outings in his sixteen games last year. I see two outings where he went seven innings. Other than that, you see three innings you see four innings you see five innings. The track record with Wade Miley is not there. I wish I could tell you. It was it's not. Now is it possible that the Astros can once again? Catch lightning in a bottle and turn Wade Miley into an effective pitcher. And keep him healthy and get him to one hundred fifty innings because that's what you're asking for. That's what you want. You want your fourth starter? To go and get you a hundred and fifty innings. I can't sit here and say the Astros could do that seven three two one two five eight seven four seven one three two one two KTAR h if you wanna get in show. What happens if the grand experiment for Wade Miley does not work? I'm going to talk about that next. Plus we'll recap the game as well. As the Astros lose to the raise in Tampa. By a final of three to one. It's cliff Saunders..

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