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He owed a ton of property tax that he couldn't pay because he'd been in fucking prison. You know what Mean I mean? then Tober seventeenth two thousand eleven. He gets a letter an anonymous letter from someone telling him that his wife cheated on him. Yeah. He doesn't letters from it. They're not together at that, but they're not together. It's like it's a huge sure that that would fuck with your head. No, man. At some level, he thinks he's going to get back with her or something. Yes. So then the very next day October eighteenth, two thousand eleven is when he committed suicide. Now, here's the detail I left out of his life. He was the owner of musky gome county animal farm in zanesville Ohio, which housed somewhere between fifty and sixty exotic animals including bears. Cougars lions Tigers shit like that. That's my favorite place in the world. You don't have to name it twice. I know exactly. You mean. Oh, you mean we're uncle, Terry Lee. He owned a giant zoo. He zoo he bought a suit bought a zoo. Yeah. Yeah. That movie is about him. They were so happy in that movie. We're they've yet non pits. And we bought a zoo, suicide sued zoo. That's why the last line of that movie is blow wrong zoo. We bought the wrong zoo. Yeah. So it's funny to like one of the things that is written online, about musket, gum, county out, animal farm, is that it was. Not well-kempt and it had been cited numerous times for animal cruelty, because they were malnourished and didn't get enough water and shit like name calling NATO bullying. Yeah. Well, the Cougars did not like the bears. Calling man, I tell you the abuse, the garden on its bled down to now the animals are just picking hierarchy at every zoo got the tortoise and the hare fucking at each other's throats. It was like SLC punk hard with hurdle throat, dude. Yeah. The turtles bullied the bears, the bears and the Cougars bully the wolves. And then the wolves eat your kids. Yeah, this feels like a Sharman commercial. That's out of control. I know it is oft bucket. The turtles are going up to asses your right, does sound like. Bears with who? So here's what happened October eighteenth, two thousand eleven Terry Thompson released fifty six of the animals from their cages and shot himself in the head with a three fifty seven magnum. And so. Yeah, fifty six. On. I ll, there's an interesting detail. He led fifty six animals out, but he left three leopards one grizzly bear a three legged giraffe and two monkeys in their cages that these are my guys. No. Smart reason everything you just listed was either damaged or dangerous the three legged giraffe can't get out, and then the other ones are vicious. Well, okay. But here are the ones that were killed at the end of the day. Eighteen Tigers seventeen lions eight bears three Cougars to wolves one babboons one macaque killed. We'll, so that's the fucked up part of all this. What? So they killed a zoo. Yeah, they killed his wrong zoo. Hilda sue. Honey? Let's kill zoo. Holy bomber. So your theory was a good one, but definitely eighteen Tigers seventeen lions bears. Three Cougars to wolves were pretty dangerous. Let them area, the dead man. Wow. Great band. How do you even know that theory, the only reason I know that band, is I was a rock radio DJ at a bad time. Funny to be a mathematician, whose like these was on. Theory of I've actually. Debt, man. It's two parts Nickelback, one part Cree. Applause. Yes. And that's been your final performer here at Ted Birmingham, Alabama now that was wrong. Birmingham's a great city. I was trying to think of. Support Birmingham, Birmingham, some sense..

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Cougars, Terry Lee, Bears discussed on Suicide Buddies

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