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The world's most famous long snapper Jake Olson from USC. First of all, he's on getting into a gain. Those really big story had to be obviously a huge moment for you. Yes, thank you. Great. Being here and obviously was one of the best moments in my life. Significant for a lot of reasons. Just be out there with my teammates. You know, everyone made the possible and obviously with the fans in called football fan as a whole been falling. My story for a while. She was awesome for all of us. You think about a long snapper if you never know the long snappers name. If you never mentioned his name, he's doing a great job. He's perfect, right. But what is it about you that you were able to after losing your side at age? Twelve kind of hone in on that position and perfect that position I played center for my seventh and eighth grade football team, and it was something you know, hiking with one hand, and that's pretty good at it and continue even play after loss my sight, but it was it was fun, semi competitive football. And so when I went into high school, it was I went to orange Lutheran so's tree, Leon California there, and with modern day Saint John Bosco and our houses and so much, much more competitive, tackle football, much more serious. And I just didn't really wasn't play center and just didn't really the position I could have out there that was really going to let me contribute so play my freshman, sophomore year. Finally, going junior year, I was just dying to get back out there needed to get back out there just misses so much. Wanna regret not playing football throughout my high school years in. So I came upon the law position and I am originally thought it was going to be like sapping under senators, shocking which one hand, and I was really into the reality of it which is much different than a lot more skill in talent to it. So learn how to do that. And then eventually. Play varsity junior senior year, and then you know, played ASEAN was offered us what they're on the team. What is it about long snapping that enables you to use your other senses or maybe the better question is how those other senses affect the way you're able to be successful as a long snapper? Well, I'm a big golfer and I think by playing golf after going blind and really honing in on the part of the brain where it is about feel, it's about muscle memory. It's about understanding just your body and the movements and reproducing the same movements over and over again. And so when that translate over long happy, it was, it was just I learned the technique. And then once you found the right way to do it, understanding what that felt like in this repeated over and over and over again. And that's really what it comes down to. I mean a long long snappers will look when they snap, but there's there's, there's a lot of them that will take an original look, get lined up and kind of. Get their bearings, but then when actually snapped the ball won't even look through their legs because it is, you know, it's feel thing and it's just repetitiveness. Quaid Luganville, Tom Lukin Bill son is an aspiring long snapper. Would you recommend him to blindfold themselves to kind of take that out of the mix and get more of a feel for it? Absolutely. I mean, anytime you can exercise multiple parts of your brain and fully understand the relationship of all your body personality gather and Creighton what is going to turn out to be a successful snap. I think that's vital to understanding really anything at its core. And so, yeah. No, I think that'd be great idea. Your teammates, obviously revelled in the fact of getting into the game, you know, you could see the excitement in their actions today ever give you a hard time about stuff. I mean in a good natured way. -olutely I if I, if I said eighty percent of what they did to me on the show right now that we, we'd have. We have the NCW cracking down on US, but there they love me. We got brotherhood there. And yes, other specialists, I mean, tossed and warm up, and you know..

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