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You know is that adequate. I don't think so and by the way you're paying half his salary ellery so once again the seattle seahawks who i don't know if we're going to sit here and put the seahawks in the category of super bowl contenders in a team that you know you may think could go all the way this year they still got a lot of work to do but seattle and john schneider and that organization show you why they've been a well run team team over the last several years and they have a super bowl championship in the last decade and they've been competitive even as they continue to turn over this roster they continue to be competitive and they probably will be again this year because getting cloudy for what they got him for right as i said a couple of journeyman players and and a third round pick and you've got other team to kick in some of the money for the salary what's better than that what's better than that right now so if you're the seattle seahawks and it's another example of why they get it and why they've been so competitive if you think about the moves here dating all the way back to the off season season for the seattle seahawks john schneider they made the move to trade frank clark right they moved on from him and nisa centrally turn frank clark into today beyond cloudy ziggy ansah who they signed of course as a free agent in the offseason season l. j. collier who you drafted with some of the pictures you got in the frank clark trade brilliant maneuvering <music> by john schneider as far as i'm concerned brilliant maneuvering and that's why they get it and that's why you look at the seahawks and you can never discount their chances on a year-on-year route basis can't say the same thing about the houston texans. I mean houston more often than not if he asked me. They've benefited the last couple of years from being a division in which was kind of up and down the best. Am i right or am i wrong. They have a lot to prove here winning the a._f._c. a._f._c. south with a nine seven record granted. They weren't nine seven last year. I know that but in a couple of other cases they were and people kind of scoffed at it because you don't take it as legitimate and the only reason you're sitting there is because you have an inferior division and hey somebody's got to win it and remember that sparks all the conversation about whether that if you're an inferior division and champion whether you should even get a home playoff game and they want and fans want the n._f._l. To go about changing the way that it distributes playoff teams and awarding home games and so on and so forth. I'm not going that far yet okay and hopefully we don't have to deal with that moving forward but it is what it is and it happened okay so they move on from cloudy. They don't get enough compensation as far as i'm concerned but they don't stop there because let's face facts when you're talking about the houston texans their biggest commodity right now. Their biggest investment is shawn watson gave their franchise quarterback. He is the guy and they have. I've been looking for the last couple of years to essentially find a replacement for duane brown. The franchise left tackle and now they think they finally got one in en- laremy tunsil in a trade with the miami dolphins okay by all accounts. This is a pretty good move. He's under contract for two more years so you don't have to worry worry about the money as far as that is concerned and if we remember what happened to houston last year and specifically shawn watson to shawn watson got sacked sixty two times in two thousand eighteen they that's a lot of hits. I don't care if he's a mobile quarterback. I don't care visa strict pocket passer..

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