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I know that a lot of people are really well meaning. When they say that, you know, oh, you don't have to eat one certain way to be your best. And they quite being your best with your body. So they mean, you don't have to eat one certain way to be thin or to, you know, my goal isn't even thinness. It's just trying to be like the best I can and to look and be at a good healthy weight for me, you know? And so people have the best of intentions when they say, oh, you don't need to do one thing to look this way. But guys, I can't eat just a normal diet just have a sandwich every day or whatever. Like I used to when I was like little whatever. I can't do that every day . I can't do that actually that much at all because I will gain weight. And I don't feel my best when I am at a higher weight, you know, as to what I know what's good for my body. So I really can't do that, you know? I know everyone thinks that you can and you're just not letting yourself be, I'm sorry. I know what I look like. I know what I like and what I don't like and I'm not super strict with myself. So I just know that I can't eat this consistently and look the way I want to look, you know? And so I do have to have rules. And it's just nice because I actually do like Quito and I actually do like intermittent fasting. So it's kind of nice. I don't even have to do them all at once, and I actually tend to not do all of those at once. I feel like if I'm doing intermittent fasting and then when I can only eat like keto foods afterwards, it's kind of like eh, you know?.

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