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A chaotic third round of the Australian Open with math five single women dropping like flies at Milborne park sockets on please call back out to relive she's gone and not happy about it personally I made a lot of errors so I I I didn't hit any of those shots in the dark or in general in a really long time so that's good news but I just made far too many errors to be a professional athlete on the men's side top rank Raffy Nick doll Vance's for the second week with a straight sets win over Pablo booster and fifth seeded Dominic team beats Taylor fits in four sets you forget first ball to last ball coverage on the ESPN family of networks that we turn to the book of Eli Eli manning played sixteen seasons all with the New York Giants after the treatment of choirs him on a trip three three info for Eli is just one of five players in NFL history with at least two Superbowl and he's allowed to leave the club consists of things like my hands start breeding and Brad Pitt hoops Yanis dropping thirty rap twelve words as the PO box Ronald afford it's one sixty one of three cars now the box or the seventeen in NBA history to win forty of their first twenty sixteen well that's good news as five of the previous sixteen so accomplished that feat went on to win the final MLB Louise roe house was introduced as the Mets manager if the car was spent Beltran failure lasted just eating for days Ultron's time is a chore as a result of fine excellent scandal in X. ashtrays Pritchard Dallas crackle apologizes over the signed sealed and scandal coming up Monday it is Superbowl.

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