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They're and they're all some but in my ultimate goal is sunday build a public brett brett sporran because it's it's winter farm so we do have to be careful about who comes out here but but it's it's i don't know i just i love it it just everything about it is peaceful has it helped her brother and sister in law oh yeah mhm just being able to pour into something so special and her memory of help other people see her her name because we promise brett that she would never be forgotten and that we always talk about her and we were gonna do some big things and we are were working where i mean seriously we work are ass off to make to not let a family lose a child when they don't have to yes and so i feel like you have this amazing balance of like knowing i have so much schumer and then you're so deepen so real too but it's like you just like drought his line of handling life so well oh trust me there times when i just lose my shit and i'm just i just go sit in the shower and cry 'cause i mean everybody get out of human i mean everybody you know i struggle with luke been gone all the time in kids everywhere and you know how do i make everybody happy be and you know how to make make this charity go well and you know i mean it's it's hard to be alone a lot of but i just look at you and i'm just like using their goals because it's all gone out it's the way that you embrace year journey in the way that you have embraced all of your journey it's so inspiring to see because you have so much joy that comes out of you even when you've had the deal is like really tough situations i from what here's me is like you always find a way to make it fun and defined the joy into mixing beautiful out of something so we have to because like are family thing as you continue to have in life one of them bitter and angry or one of like you know what i'm gonna we were gonna make this i'm almost on happiness and as we were gonna cause we have to cause reliving first five kids just three of which have lost a mom and dad were like you know what now we're gonna make or try to make everybody happy and you know just make the best of something that's horrible but that's that's that's our goal is not perfect trust me he and i mean look confide fight like you can't even believe that we always right there but we make up very well we do so everybody's humans so you said something you say he's happy marriage something a laugh a lot and selective hearing him while he's got that a laugh line has selective hearing all men have slipped if i'm like oh you're not listening i'm like how could i do that's michael him like he completely blocked out things that i may i think it's also like an artist thing and then two four that's what they say oh the artsy ones are very like oh come on you're do come out you just don't wanna hear me you're just gonna act like you didn't hear it and then you could buy them so then it's all fine and they all end up doing whatever and he did talk about anyway i'll take care of it but if you throw a plate adam they'll they'll listen real quick that that gives their digital panda slipped a hand i'm dry that you gotta be subtle about it goes in acts don't do a cast iron is that really hurt i've never known a cast arnie him not yet found a half points so what is your favorite things do like hobbies cenis i do love tennis 'em real estate everything's there the family oh my gosh oh it's a family oh lord will go lord we watch movies we we play games 'em psychology halloween costumes like all things could have a costume holidays yar.

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