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So i want to. I want to. I want you to listen to the goals of one thousand nine hundred forty one something that was written by stuart chase And the obama administration used a lot of the words of stuart chase remember his Second campaign was the road. We are traveling. Remember that his second campaign used that slogan lot the road. We are traveling. And what did biden us. Biden used built back better well. That's the world economic forum. But if you look at the goals of the world economic forum and then you look at the goals of stuart chase on in a book called the road. We are traveling. They sound familiar now. In this book they talk about a managerial revolution. That things just need to be managed. We don't need all these messy elections and everything else. We just need a managerial Revolution and they thought originally that that was going to be fascism or communism but then fascism and communism got a bad name in the nineteen thirty so they had to change it and they didn't know what to call it and so they called it free enterprise into ax now. What is the goal of the great reset. The goal of the great reset is to change capitalism to change the free enterprise into something called. Stakeholder capitalism. It don't make no mistake. It's not capitalism. It's state ism. And the state doesn't own the companies but the state takes over the role of managing a lot of companies. I wanna go through and tell me if this is ben dunne verbatim and this does not read like did five years ago free enterprise into system x a strong centralized government. Look at what they're doing right now with the voting rights luther. They're doing what are they doing. They are going against the constitution and trying to federalize all of the elections. There's no better example today of a strong centralized government than what's going on today every single day and they're trying to use this texas democratic walkout today with in combination with a biden speech to try to bring met issue and they're they're going to do their their best by the way you want to talk about a strong centralized government on page nine of biden's conservation plan There are fifteen governors now who are standing up and saying wait a minute. This is a land grab. It's the thirty by thirty plan and fifty by fifty. The federal government wants to own thirty percent of all land in america by twenty thirty. Now we know no. I don't think they own a lot of the west. They own a lot of the west. But that's mostly at the west They want thirty percent of all of the land and then fifty percent of all the land. Why we'll listen to this. They also want control of banking credit and security exchanges by the government. You effectively have that through the fed. It's a public private partnership credit. They are now taking over. This is nineteen forty. One stuart chase the guy who coined the term. The new. Deal the underwriting of employment by the government. Aren't we seeing that right now. Kind of is if you're not working. Oh totally they've now released this program where they're setting you monthly checks your child credit the underwriting of social security by the government old age. Pensions unemployment insurance. And the like listen to this one the underwriting of food housing and medical care by the government the united states is already been experimenting with providing the these essential other nations are far along the road. Food housing medical care all in part not a hundred percent but partially already done. You're hearing people talk about expanding but yes all the time to food and and housing. You can't have a basic living wage without a house that goes with it. Look at what's happening in oakland. Where they're saying no more single housing units. This is moving quickly. And i want to continue down this because it is astounding. How far the left has come in about one hundred and seventy three days. They are closing this deal on us. And americans need to stand up. The glennbeck grim been standing by this river next to a highway panning for gold. Moammar about five years now found a tiny flake here in eighty bitty nugget there but never in but my ship is rivaled here. The bottom on my pan giant lump of gold prospectors mild is mostly toothless. Smile wiped his brow. Look back up the highway where sat old ford pinto looks. I can finally going to be able to get my car repaired after all these years. Henan lilia nobody told the old geezer that if he had carshield he could have had his repairs covered and ben on his merry way. Shortly after his car broke down in fact somebody would have picked him up and pick the car up roadside assistance.

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