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It's twelve thirty in Hong Kong and Beijing city and Sydney on all the headlines. After the deadline on tariff consultation. China's still doesn't know if President Trump will go three with this threat to slap duties on two hundred billion dollars of imports. The public comment period expired, midnight eastern or in Beijing, and there's every indication the president will order further measures Fitch Ratings says an escalation in the trans-pacific trade war could not four tenths of one of global growth next year. Says Wall Street could also take a hit of President Trump decides to get tough. The Bank says equities plunged five percent of the administration imposes duties on roughly half of all the goods the response from China. That would be the biggest to trade the stock since April UBS also says such a scenario has not been priced in by the market. Has permanently suspended conspiracy? Theorist Alex Jones and the account for his info wars website says posted on Wednesday, violates the company's abuse and harassment policies. Twitter didn't specify the content that led to the decision related to abusive behavior, apple Facebook and YouTube last month, also urged calm taint from the right wing. Nike shares rose a second day or covering more of what they lost on cabinet has billboards of controversial ad campaign. Went up in New York and San Francisco raised more than three billion dollars market cap since the ad launched of now, I is valuing the media exposure generated multiple hundred and sixty million. Says about forty percent of that publicity is positive. Absolutely good news at last following years of dire warnings about policing on the Great Barrier. Reef Queensland now says it has a positive update experts say some areas of the Rafer shutting what's substantial signs of recovery. Twenty three hundred kilometers long. The reef was system to win UNESCO world heritage status. Global news twenty four hours a day on and on Twitter by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts a moment. One hundred twenty countries. This is..

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