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Back to that. It all comes back around and that's why you keep your relationships healthy and everything because we pitched the show. It was a show about BuzzFeed about a girl working at BuzzFeed and you know, she was kind of a bad of the bad girl boss, but like her, it was really cute. We pitched it to ABC and Aaron wernberg sold ABC to me. And I'm like, I had never experienced that before. And I was like, I want to work with them, but this is not the right show. That show is raunchy and it was, you know, I wanted to get darker, hightailed it to HBO Max. And but I kept I left that meeting being like, that was the best meeting of my life. And I will work with that woman. And so then, at this point, what happens is such a train. Okay, so it seems like black lady sketch shows got to come in there at some point there, right? Exactly schedule was actually before that. So blackley sketch show was when I was in blackley sketch show first season, this is so great. I'm trying to give you the timeline. So it's good. I appreciate it. Thank you. Yeah, it sounds like lady sketch shows first season, which was in 2019. And it was costarring and writing, not just. Like a rumor that I can't get rid of. I did not. Okay, well, we are correcting the record today. That's good. I only start in it. I was asked to write, but I honestly really loved the ability to just go somewhere and act. It was so exciting to me. I had been in my own stuff at BuzzFeed for so long. To me, black lady sketch show proved to me that I was a real actor. I was like, yeah. Well, and it's interesting because it's not that far after the end of the world, as we know it, where you wanted nothing to do with that thing. I know. I know. It was so, I don't know. Was it? Because end of the world was so intense. It was going to take my whole life. Frankly, schedule was one month of shooting. Okay. You know, it was one month to shoot and I get to be on HBO. It was bomb. I was like, this is tight. I could do this. And then it proved to me that I can just show up in X somewhere. That was really cool to me. And we should just say, this is their seasons. All three of which have now been nominated for best variety sketch series. This is 6 episode seasons. I guess with 6 sketches each in each episode. Fronting it. We've had her on the pile that was a lot of fun. And Issa Rae is that where you and she first kind of crossed paths because she was an EP, right? That's not where Issa and I first ESA, dude, that's so cool. Your fellow nominee this year for I know. Comedy series. He's gonna actually have lunch. She reached out to me and had lunch one time. Years before that. Wow. And just because she wanted to. I didn't have anything to sell or give her. And she didn't want anything. She just wanted to have lunch. That's why I will forever just fuck with Issa. She saw this other girl doing some cool shit and just wanted to have one. Nice. That's great. Yeah, it was. And that was like, maybe it may be like two years before black lace kisha was even in existence. And then the thing with black lady sketch show, if anyone hasn't yet, watched it. I mean, the title should give a little hit of what it's all about. But I mean, here's a line from April 2022 in The New York Times, quote it's worth remembering that it wasn't that long ago that the title sequence of this show included as many black women as could be found in the cast of four decades of Saturday Night Live close quote. Now, it doesn't mean that Saturday Night Live wasn't great, obviously you were very influenced by it, but it is kind of amazing that on one show. I guess had you ever had an experience where you were around so many other black women in a position of power? No. Not in Hollywood, not in the industry. I mean, I would come from places with many, you know, my upbringing, my everything, as many, many black women in my life, but that I had never seen. And honestly, besides Abbott, I never had the experience again. And I remember after filming black lady sketch show realizing how rare that was to be in one place. It's something that like, you know, why do you get to be on the shows movie shows about the white dudes all the time? But usually when you are a black girl in some, you're the only black girl in something. And I really took that away from my experience on black lady's schedule. I was like, you know what, I want to make sure whatever I make. I'm not the only black girl, because I also think that's too much weight on my shoulders. It was part of what informed well, it's part of what was exciting to me about Abbott elementary is that it just naturally was this world that contains multiple different types of black people. It wasn't a reach. I also don't love diversity casting. I don't love when people don't know what they're doing and they just pluck a person of color in there. I don't like that either. And I don't like stories that do that, you know? If I decide to make a story tomorrow about. I don't know, a store in Beverly Hills, right? I'm going to tell that story. I'm going to tell I'm not going to pop some black people in there for no reason, like, no. This is about white Beverly Hills people. And that's that. Well, and you've said, as that pertains to avid elementary, it's like not that anyone suggested this. I don't think, but sorry, she's not going to have a white boyfriend. Yeah. Wouldn't it be the case? That's just wouldn't if she did, it would take some real explaining, but that's typically not the makeup in Philadelphia. You know, dating is like dating is regional dating is socioeconomic dating is about proximity to. That's more of an L anything. I don't know many women black women in Philly with non black boyfriends. If they do, it's the exception, not the rule. So I like to make sure I'm telling the accurate story of wherever I'm showing the story. So did the black lady sketch show chapter and after just the one season because you were now moving the ball with avid elementary? No, another common misconception. So no, like lady sketch show season two was starting was in pre-production and then COVID happened. And then COVID shut things down and to be honest, I was just a little bit too afraid to go back to work during COVID. Sure. So the deal was, I wasn't, you know, Robin was very understanding, honestly, and I was like, look, man, I don't want to work. They were going back pretty fast. But like this picture was one of the first shows to go back during COVID. I just was not ready. I had had someone very close to me that I have COVID. My cousin, people were dying of COVID left and right. I was like, and at that point, they were the first show I knew of. To go, I don't know of one other show. And that show shut down of COVID, and I knew a girl got extremely sick on the set, so I was just like, I told her, and I was like, I love you. But I can't. I just really can't. I would be just Abbott was not, had we sold Abbott at that? No, because so this was the timeline. First season of black lady sketch show happened when I then sold the HBO Max show after that. The HBO Max show didn't go, right? It didn't go COVID was starting to happen. Likely to sketch those shuts down.

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