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Okay right tanguay muttering things about news all the time colby portland portland oregon to renew that conquered in every state so two hundred fifty million a year for a piece of the wwe is amazing the thing about so on a yearly basis folks like starting next year between the television shows raw and smackdown they will be bringing in four hundred and forty five million combined annually on the television deals and then on wwe network where they have almost two and a half million subscribers who are paying nine ninety nine a month for somewhere between two hundred and twenty five and two hundred fifty million a year from the digital platform let alone what they're doing and other countries like in india where they're doing big business in britain their big as well and they've been pretty shrewd on signing guys from other countries to get other countries involved to the point to where wwe may now have wwe england wwe japan wwe india like they're going to start farming it out and creating a global system the wwe india do you think all of the events are going to end in bollywood type fashion with a with a big musical number because i'm telling you in all seriousness i could get on board for some of that bollywood's interesting on their impact in india and i saw that they had i wanna say the wwe if it wasn't a show in india it was somewhere in the middle east where they normally are are not very kind to women now the saudi arabia thing they did a show before that where the women wrestlers literally redressed head to fell it was you can't have any skin showing but they allow them to wrestle in that country when in rome.

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