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The impeachment of from house intelligence committee chair Adam Schiff telling colleagues the committee's impeachment investigation report could come out next week and that it's really not up to just him to determine what step is warranted next I certainly think that the evidence has been produced overwhelmingly shows serious misconduct by the president but I do want to hear more from my constituents I want to hear more from my colleagues is it shift just trying to sound statesmanlike like he's above it all I'm just a man in search of truth is he just trying to do that or is he trying to walk this thing back recognizing right like that Vanity Fair article we read from earlier impeachment finished last eleven out of eleven among independent voters of things they care about he's got to be aware of those polls yep no Washington examiner among others pointing out that a house vote to impeach the president could put a number of moderate Democrats and risk in twenty twenty already Michigan Democrat representative Brenda Lawrence a prominent supporter of Kabul Harris who's previously supported the impeachment inquiry into president trump abruptly announced Sunday she no longer saw in the value in the process what I'm hoping is after the Clinton impeachment failed and hurt the Republicans and now this impeachment I think is going to fail and hurt the Democrats that both parties have decided you know this whole impeachment thing doesn't do us any good unless we got a serious serious crime we're not doing it and it'll be the end of this stupid game they will log meanwhile president trump is going to be holding a keep America great rally in the Florida he is going to a yeah huge arena in sunrise Florida later on today complete with special guests live music and voter registration so he will probably be once again on fire and Bill Cosby is given his first is given his first jail house interview and he says he has no remorse for the crimes that landed him in prison for ten years in the interview with black press USA the eighty two year old is suggesting is maintaining his innocence saying that when he comes up for parole the board will not hear him say he has any remorse he adds he doesn't care about people talking about the situation when they weren't there any also claims his trial was a complete sham during the interview we referred to his cell is a pent house adding that he is privilege behind the bars of the maximum security penitentiary is currently serving a three to ten year sentence for drugging and raping a woman and again because he says he will not show any remorse because he did nothing wrong it's hard to imagine what's going on in the psyche of a person like that because he was one of the most respected people in American culture for half a century yeah and he knew in his mind that he was a disgusting vile character somewhere in his own mind he knew he was a complete phony use you dear is raping unconscious woman all that time so what sort of do wool psyche thing he's got going on there so he he certainly could believe he's innocent because he spent all these decades pretending he's the good father telling us all how to raise kids when he's a secret rapist what a nut job they need to study him right now again he keeps saying the whole thing was a set up the whole thing was rigged against them nature news on Marshall plexi Armstrong get a show the conscience of the nation.

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