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Birdies history hello this is richard anaheim here with the second in our series about a boy and the bird fittingly enough it's cold birdie in this parts we learn more about birdie and a little history too when mom had left the rim jake asked birdie if he would like some banana buddy said i'll guest please and jake pick to slice out of his yogurt and let him take it with his beat from his fingers jake eight a few spoonfuls of yogurt and thought about all the birdie had told him eventually he asked how come you so old when you've lived as low as i have you get ouled said birdie but at out fail old i feel just like i did when i was a young fledgling when we stat us jake borrow back in a time of king alfred said the crowd you've heard of him right who's heath one had lots of wife's now alfred was that want to burn the cakes how yes i know he he he fought the vikings that's right i'm glad i still teach a bit of history i'll help tell for it when he dropped his ringing the marshes are found it gave it back to him and as a reward he told his magician to make me live forever it could do that for birds you now but not for other beings like humans that really kumla said junk itself had lots of fun on you'd lots of king's including henry the ain't thing was the one with the wives for the state down the road from hebron hampton court palace.

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