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You can already hear the music and chatter and laughter and yelling, and as you closer and closer kind of begin to look from the outside in the warm light in the movement of shadows. Across the open windows shows, you the places pretty jam packed as being to make your way into following onto the interior you hear the shouting and and clinking glasses as the the the far corner has what looks to be five or six individuals. Not sure if they're paid musicians or just sailors who happen to have a bit of experience, the fiddle a drum and in a flute of some kind of music begins to play you can see there's one table that has a lot of onto crew. They've kind of push much of chairs Clem together clammed crammed together. With some some bits of dried bread and somewhat soft fruit. Some cheeses laid out to large pitchers avail already waiting at the get go and write off from them. You see a smaller table with everyone. You've hired from the mistake including orally all in there. Clutching their glasses looking around scared shitless says you enter there is just turn to you. Cafeteria. Over here. Pushes one of the other tables out of the way of people that are already sitting at it takes her hand. Scoots across on the. Spit on the ground and move away. Immediately. You get the sense that there is kind of a pow dynamic of onto seems to have at least some modicum of respect amongst the rest of the riffraff within this tavern. Pushing the tables together kicking a couple of the Stolz over there's enough spots the table for most of you one or two you might have to stand or find a place next to the rest of your hired help. All right. So as you guys all sit down during rounds begin to be passed to each of you conversations are already mid discussing. How you hear bits and pieces about how the the blessing of the serpent has been upon us this past month, and you know, being on the ship with most of the crew they haven't been terribly social with you. You know, they've helped you and guided you and learning few things, but they're still very much separation at attention that you're the newcomers and the strange new shiny thing in their captains. I this is the first time you've seen them a little bit, you know, three sheets. The wind is a croup, and they're talking to openly and vodka has a definite definite Zillah, treat tour, but you start noticing members of the crew and why why they are with her or at least they've been there. They've also bought into these tales of hookah TOA. And you get the sense that that they believe that this path that she's following will lead to her success and by default, probably their success. How many of them are true believers? Looking for..

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