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Issue an executive order to set election dates to fill the seat left vacant by the late congressman Elsie Hastings. We're gonna do the primary for November 2nd the general election for January 11th. I think that puts qualifying towards the end of the first week of September. Among the people already throwing their hand the ring Broward Commissioner Dale Holness, State Senator Perry Thurston and former Palm Beach County Commissioner Priscilla Taylor. SDA bosses could soon be driving on the shoulder. It's a pilot program involving the Department of Transportation and the Transit Authority and the first of its type in Florida. Your salable work f dot will spend more than $4.5 million to widen and repay the shoulders along I 2 75 from Fifth Avenue to Gandy Boulevard in ST Petersburg. Crews will also add new signs, markings and traffic signals. Then, if travel speeds drop below 35 miles an hour, the Busses will be able to get on the shoulder to avoid the slower traffic. F dot says this will enhance reliable transit travel times between Penelas in Hillsboro project is set to begin next month. I'm Reid Shepherd. Shooting death in Polk County over the weekend could be covered by the stand your ground law if you confront people if you scare people if they believe you have a gun if they believe you have a knife They're likely to shoot you if they have one. Poll chair of Grady Judd says 24 year old shooting victim, Felix Colon was following 19 year old Emanuel Herrera and his sister through Lake Alfred Trailer Park when whoever shot him and that Herrera believe Colin was armed. Turns out he wasn't the case has been turned over to the state attorney and the mayor of Montreuil County has called a special meeting of county commissioners for Wednesday to discuss the governors were sending of covert restrictions. Michelle Cold Iron will ask commissioners to consider ending their mask mandate. The meeting is scheduled for nine a.m. with Florida's news I'm Jeremy ST Louis. Police officer wounded in.

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