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Expects a forty two fifty percent turnout on March tenth Jeff Pohjola come on news number students completing programs at our stage two year colleges would double by twenty thirty under education leaders ambitious plan Jan Yoshiwara tells The Seattle Times achieving that goal require eliminating equity gaps that prevent students of color from completing their programs she points to figures that show only twenty seven percent of black and native American students finish a technical our community college program in four years or less that's compared to more than a third of white and Latino students at forty three percent of Asian students last year Seattle police have hired one hundred and eight new officers and nearly forty percent were people of color this is the highest number of officers hired in over a decade city officials say a new campaign called this is my neighborhood that features the stories of current officers is helping attract new employees professor for about two years now with the P. please team since November of last year we're getting a chance to interact with our community hearing their concerns and making sure that they know that we hear them that is currency on a police officer Judy that Goldman who was born in the Philippines and grew up in southern cal at southern California she worked in retail for ten years before joining the police force police in Edmonds are following up on a number of tips after a seven eleven clerk was shot and killed last week sergeant Josh McGuire said Friday our detectives we haven't got a hold if they haven't been for short periods of time working tires play on all the tips were received both by phone and our internet site he says Edmonds police who work the graveyard shift news sixty four year old and not gender on the cut do so Barney said like like many of his customers a memorial of flowers has been growing outside the store on highway ninety nine and two or thirty street since the shooting video surveillance of the gunman jumping on the counter before shooting the clerk not stealing anything the suspect that his face covered was wearing a red and black hoodie and black pants bush for prostor of you many criminal convictions in Washington state gets a hearing before the Senate's law and justice committee come was bill o'neill has more callous county Superior Court judge Steve warning sees a lot of positive and certainly the concept is one that I think we can all support and get behind but plenty of challenges to my personal share because this contemplates that a judge looks at every one of these is about sixteen thousand cases thanks a lot here in this bill calls for the creation of a pilot program in a single county to begin the process which would go statewide in mid twenty twenty two skeptics say the pilots result should be reviewed before that happens hello Neil komo news couple news time seven forty from the Harley exterior sports.

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