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Thank you Kelly six twenty three now, the weekly map produced by the US centers for disease control and prevention shows, increasingly scarce places where influenza has not become a widespread problem in some very hard hit places entire. School districts have been shut down to avoid an out of control epidemic. A flu epidemic has hit every region and flask Tennessee valley school districts. Let's talk a little bit more about this right now with ABC's Jim Ryan who joins us live the morning, Jim. Good morning. Yeah. The centers for disease control and prevention, I'll teach these numbers. Every weakness numbers are few days old, but they do show that in nearly every state in the union at least thirty six dates are showing widespread flu activity or lillies flu. Like, you'll MRs you know, they can't verify they can't kneel down as flu until tests are done after the person's already sick. So it's they just call it. Flu like illnesses or influenza and pneumonia. Then yes, California is among those states, Dan, showing widespread activity in every state around. It is as well Zona, Nevada and Washington Oregon to the north of all of them showing widespread activity, and it's especially difficult thing there in California, of course, with so many people and people close together and people sharing germs and now they expect these numbers to go up over the next few weeks. Okay. So is it that the flu shot didn't work this year or that not enough people? Got it the ladder. The CDC tells us Christina that this year's vaccine is very effective. Against three strains of flu that are floating around out there. So they've got that pretty well under control. It's not a so the vaccine or virus is going to mutate this year the way it did a couple of years ago and kind of sneak past the vaccine that would set out early in the year. This one has been shown to be very effective, and we're approaching well almost halfway point in this flu season this year. So is it too late to get a shot? If you haven't gotten one already know in effect, if you haven't it's a good idea to get one because not only are you likely to protect yourself from getting the flu if you do get it, then you're likely to have much less severe symptoms and less likely that it'll be a long duration kind of infection. So yeah, it's not too late at all. And that medical professionals are recommending that anybody who hasn't especially the young and the old that they go ahead and get vaccinated now. All right. Thanks to improve it as always that's ABC's. Jim Ryan with us. Okay. Tom now is six twenty six at NewsRadio K K, I'm Christina Madonna's along, Dan Richardson. Let's get a check of our traffic troublespot now with Dana half. Traffic building up right now is going to be on northbound ninety nine Florin road to about fruit ridge. And then again from twelfth to the transition. So that's gonna be a slower drive for awhile. Maybe some fog in the area as well. Complete traffic and weather together coming up in three minutes plus old Sacramento. Getting a makeover. We'll tell you who's working on some of these recommendations that story at six thirty two on the cave became morning news. I.

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