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Which of the following statements about shelly. Fish is the one true scientific. Wow is it a shelly. Fish have three hearts or is it be jellyfish have been to the moon or is it c. They were shelley fish on earth before there were dinosaurs when you think you have the answer right it on a piece of paper and put it in your sock guar. We're gonna take a quick break to give you a chance to think and when we come back we'll find out if your row is the winning while what we'll be right back grownups. I messages for you. That's ed now back to the show hauser's time is up time to reveal but the four we do. Let's do a quick review. We gave you three scientific statements about jellyfish and challenged you to guess which one was the one true while a shell have three parts or was it. jellyfish have been to the moon or was it seed. There were jellyfish on earth before there were dinosaurs and to answer. Today's quiz joining us by phone. It's albert from raleigh north carolina albert. What's my wound. The world is that jelly says gloved before the dinosaurs. Telly albert. that is correct contestants. If you guessed the answer see that jellyfish were alive on earth before dinosaurs were. You found the winning. Wow

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