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Confused about. The fact that I'm against a police state right but I'm not against the police. The Democrats are the ones that want a police state. We don't have due process where your survey where you don't have free speech where they can secretly arrest you. They don't WanNa get rid of the police. They want to take over the police through the UN run strong Cities Initiative that Obama and Loretta Lynch pause I can. That's a hazard get that they didn't put that nail in right. Shoddy workmanship. You know I mean if you're going to be a Hobo. At least put the nail right because getting tetanus well. Stephen I'm glad you bring this up because this is critical tetanus. The police aren't the enemy. Now Democrats, WanNa make the lowest level of government the enemy because they know there's a revolution against corrupt government say let's have a revolution. Let's burn down the local. City Hall, that's just. So the Democrats can take full control. So I'm not against police. I'm against the Democrats getting control the police and setting up a police state and back under Clinton I can ask you one I want you. To give a casino El Camino of. You know I don't know why that's. That's then guys. Here we go there and have a Buffalo Burger. You know they they do have good burgers there. They live a good burgers and we went in the other day I did have a burger not hurting they were pretty good burgers but I've never seen so many Caribbean her keychain clips, they all look the same. That's how you know they all look different in there. Well, I'll tell you this one time our crew went in there and they said, we don't like Ron Paul we don't like Alex. Jones I'd probably have any Peterberg, fifteen years and My crew peter bouncers acids really. Yeah. We actually be out of I. Don't know if I would say that on camera, but you're about the Pugliese stay the state. Here's one of the places that got out here you WANNA across glacier. Private, stock or All Saints. Tattoo. Oh. I'm really being coherent on this police they try and explain it no no, I. Understand back when the federal government was more globalist trying to turn the police against us and saying our main enemies, constitutional terrorists, and the police are gonNA take our guns. I'm against police being captured by the state being used against. But when the police wake up to the new. World order like has happened and the globalist and Soros are unable to take control of them and Soros them try to destroy the police to take over. I. Totally Support the police in their constitutional, right? Yeah. Absolutely. There's a constitutional role for police namely to protect citizen's rights and when they start violently looting and protesting that's infringing on other people's resolutely the real. Out of control system, the anarchy trying to set up government they only want anarchy for a few weeks until they set up their government where we have no rights just like in shop and chas run people that weren't communist or weren't basically devil worshippers are Antifa were not welcome that place was the ultimate police state with a bunch of warlord goons controlling, right? I don't want her police turned into warlord guns and I don't want anarchy is funded by George. Soros. WHO's overthrown Ukrainian other governments signing up again here well okay. So I, if I want to go back to that what happened here so this place was looted it seems like a lot of places event obviously windows smashed in there's something particularly the happen here. A lot of places got robbed here in Austin but this one got caught on video. Time lapse at and our crew was here wasn't savannah here. Samantha was here she caught some of the best ones you can use it. We'll give thanks and yet everything we got ensures and she caught will here's Vancouver until CBA crowder about you. Know. There is a big deal I'm Ryan who was George Floyd Ryan who I started early on. Yes. So these started over there eighteen people started marching down culture. So's Mike picks the SORTA. Okay. Well, sorry about that. Because of the. Riots at the beginning of all of this started up at APD, they marched down this. And I ended up getting it perfectly film right when they went in they broke down all these windows and this is the black owned business y'all. So they broke down the windows the eluded everything inside, and they just took off you on the street. There was actually people in the bars because bars are still open and I mean everyone the pleased standing there just watching as. Well because there's nothing they could do. There's just too much of it going on now right now there's no one here. So I guess Mike for some always feel like I'm in trouble when you walk up with a camera right there you're about to shout me down like Steven crowder is funded by the new order that was a joke you know no, no I know but This is one of the situations where okay. We see this knows this is this a style choice or this is bent because they tried to reload it i. think they tried to reload it. Well, that's just silly because there's no more private stock clearly my situation here's there's no one around. So is the rioting and looting because then footage, for example, we came in there was nobody around then the next morning we see footage of more riots and looting tear gas because foster stuff going on is it only happening at night because it's completely dead? It mainly happens at night okay and now there's not very many of the bars or restaurants open plus have numbers that can come into things like twenty, five percent everybody's mask, and all you have is basically roving as out here she'll like vampires can't find anybody to kill or feed off they then go down to the highway and the frontage roads and the side roads, and they're now going off up to I'd say ten twenty blocks away and a now looting people's cars attacking people are coming into old ladies cars. Yeah. Trying to drag amount of. It's very frightening. Well, it's also exacerbated by the fact that I want to get into some local law. So the mayor two, thousand dollars, you don't wear fine if you don't wear masks writing, is that correct? Two thousand dollars per person in your business not wearing a mask it's five hundred dollars last time I checked personnel worrying about how do they find the business? Did they find the both they find the best two thousand and they? They found individual five hundred well okay. A few weeks ago he's threatening to raise it even more. Then he's been caught out and about events not wearing masks, he lives at the top of the w but the to city council members that voted against funding the police they all got violent visits at their houses at night and he says, he supports all he says, De Fund, the police and it's an official. Budget that they are proposing to have a controlled demolition of the police department as a symbol of stopping police abuse I want to ask you because you obviously you're talking about we can keep walking. So people haven't seen this side of the street by the way like what they're doing there. You have sacrament Tattoo, all, Saints Tattoo I. See a little irony little hipster irony. Really bad over here. If you WANNA come over to sabotage, that's where the real we can. Because.

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