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I was i had a problem with that too like the way houston andre johnson yeah it's like he way that owner i mean we have we have issues like i just don't i don't think that well we'll talk about it i like the way they did him as like okay and even different than kevin because andre was it's an expansion team yeah so their first year was two thousand to his first year was two thousand three he's the first player to bring any respectability to your any franchise there was no andre josh he he is houston yeah so in my opinion just as a human like he was talking about the roster's you have forty five people that dress you got eight people that don't dress i'm going to let this man play as long as he feels like he needs to play and i hold a roster spot from him you don't need the roster spots i don't care but like just out of respect for what he did for organization this month she put that order he absolutely did by himself and then the next wave came you on the rest of the guys pain but andre johnson was due to help put houston texans on nothing and that's why you know it's it's unfortunate man but it's that cycle that we all that we keep talking about the cycle they just they don't care they don't they don't shoot at it is two thousand eighteen in two thousand eighteen you need to understand and enjoy some of the perks that some of these companies have to offer in our beautiful future that we are now living in dollarshave dot com has one of these purse everything you need to look feel and smell your best dollarshave dot com with the liver right to your front doorstep and the shipping is free with a membership dollarshave dot com has everything you name it shampoo conditioner body wash toothpaste hair jail one of my favorites is this new lavender common body shits knows amazing all of these products you get to your front door all you gotta do is go to dollarshaveclub dot com your difference plus like i said the shipping is included with your membership that's right free shipping you wanna know a great way to try to.

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