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Opinion that if it holds would overturn federal abortion rights that took place federally in the 70s Stay with WTO for more on these developing stories in just minutes where the time now is one 48 Graphic and whether all the 8s let's check in with rich hunter in the WTO traffic center All right they did find a crash out in haymarket 66 westbound right near the interchange for U.S. 15 hammer but everything's on the shoulder for now all lanes are open so just be aware they're out there 66 east found as you approach and pass two 34 sudley road still getting by the work single file to right between 29 and 28 you get by the work soon single file to the left when they don't stop traffic which they've done several times so as of late there's been no complaints of those delays but just be where it's a possibility then beyond that next works soon as you're approaching past the interchange for fairfax county Parkway right lane gets you by and then finally between one 23 and not least street single file left kitchen by the time you're past nutly street you're in good shape getting to the valve and even inside the beltway all the way through Rosalind and the Roosevelt bridge and all the issues in your way Westbound side of 66 the only active work between other street and one 23 where you get by a single file to write westbound on two 67 at that point the dolls connect to our just west of 66 headed toward one 23 in McLean there you could buy the work zone single file left but again getting by without delay This traffic report is sponsored by Burke and Herbert bank local knowledge local decisions for commercial banking it's better at Burke and Herbert bank at your service since 1852 Rich hunter WTO traffic Chile started to the day but sunshine is going to warm our air temperatures close to 70° this afternoon great looking weather for outdoor activities And then we're going to repeat this weather pattern here.

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