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You have other guys making 100 grand to trade with training truck driver's training you And to make 80 started 80 grand a year and all the overtime you can ever want or need. Transforming people's lives, just stroke of a pen gun. Leonardo to crappy. Oh, I was just reminded that I did not think of that. Okay? And people like Leonardo to crappy, Oh, and Scarlett Jo Hanson and all attribution and prays to those responsible, which makes me laugh. But you think there but you gotta close the Dakota pipeline. Then you gotta shut down and more which Biden is doing. There's no legislation involved in this. This is just stroke of the pen stuff. And now it's bad for national security. It's bad for the economy. Now you think of it, bring it down on the personal level. Those people that don't have jobs. What is it? Okay. How are they feeling today? I bet that I'm feeling good. They were counting on these jobs counting on this career path that they had chosen as difficult as it is working hard every day. Most people don't work eight hours a day that that's that's a thing of the past. My parents taught me that they laughed at the idea. Eight hours a day. Mother. Prison guard 16 hours shifts regularly. Exhausted..

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