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The face off sisters trying to go ahead with it yoji notch down on the right board systems on the right side back out for yosi here skates pinball style to biala see right point the ala in the right circle tried to sweep the puck back it was blocked he got it back to yosi now yosi spins over to his right to the the outside of the circle returned a yosi ten seconds left of his power play trying to get the tourists came in front of the net and workshops third it back to the nashville zone and that's going to do it for the second fourth of the power blood the predators get back within three as yosi carey's in forsberg dumper yosi went to the right wing corner cake and off the drysdale hold here is echo left circle skating behind the net echo on the right wing board turns tried to poke the puck away instead the apps clear it you got mckinnon back with force berg and burks bear was blocked taken behind the net looking over onto the side was rantanen here's landis scott trying to set up mckinnon who waited for now mckinnon sends it to the corner noone there per call arado austin watson plays the puck ahead for pk sue ben ben backhands it in from outside the blue line and the apps come back up ice stolen away center sent back in by benino dirtier with the stoppers the door off was blocked momentarily at the right point now the comeback tyson berry got inside the blue line flipped the buffalo now we had a big collusion down there elbowing is going to be vulgar as they quickly the officials get in there to break things up let's get the.

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