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All this i guarantee you. She's hiding other stuff. What are you supposed to do a lot. Okay first of all you say she went from treating you like a king and then she got mad that you asked about getting a new house because yours is small in its old. Why would she get mad about you. Wanting a bigger and better house. I think something's up because that really doesn't sound right. So i think you need to get your financial orders your financial affairs in order. I need you to actually go inside a bank and speak to someone about sure cal get in that bank and talk to someone find out what's going on everything that's going on with the for all you know you might be wiped out already so time is of the essence. Okay that could. That could be why she got so mad. Then you need to open a whole separate account at another bank that your wife knows nothing about at least until you find out what's going on then check your credit scores. Because they only gave your wife credit scores not yours. You need to get ahead of this situation. Say and do it a sap. Okay if what they're saying about. Your lovely wife is true. You could be in some serious money trouble here. And she's way bigger than us six one and you're just tommy type five ten. Your mommy doesn't like her for reason. Okay and you know moms no these things. So if i were you i'd get on it. Get to the bank. All right tommy. What you got all right i. I'm a little worried about what her first and foremost we got. The proceed were culture. She's six one you fi team. I'm guessing it's probably two hundred five. You wanted you already at a disadvantage right. See evidently has experienced a body slam. So you know you got your hands. Not your mama told what she say mama say. Some main writing niang saying mama's is always right but david rarely all wrong but we got to find out the truth about everything. That's what we got. Do we got to proceed with caution now listen. Uk ask her. You cannot ask about this in this little bitty house that right there. That is not the spot. Ask our problems. You can give body slam in a possible. Nick broke so you got to make. So what's your name to do. You need to confront her. This need to be aware lit area in heavily populated need to be a lot of people around and it needs to be a lot of you know how when we get pulled off the police we wait we wait till we get up out of serves as a way. There's a lot of like now. When i say well lit and heavy heavily populated. It don't need to be. A steakhouse is too many knives there. That's not what. I got a good place to go to a place. Ain't got none spoons. You know what. I mean like like baskin robbins. Ain't number. you can pass this law. You can ask her exactly how you feel when i'm just letting you know. I think they telling the truth about. I think you're your woman is a fraud. Thank your mama is right. So i promise you you better get out what you can get out like lecture say. Switch your money up and get your money right and then be able to back out of this situation. Go he to jay jay. What's your Dream turned into a nightmare. It's like a gospel play. The old gossip play. The play was called yawns too short to box. Which you white rate in the only way. You're gonna get out of this. You need to get you. Some strong climbing wrote scott to be climbing rope and could she'll break regular wrote. I'm telling you know she'll puff right through it. He you bite through it all right. hold on. We'll we'll let you finish when we come back strawberry letter. My dream turned into a nightmare. This is crazy. We'll have to we'll recap at twenty three minutes after the hour right after this. You're listening to morning. Show all right guys. Let's recap today. Strawberry letter the subject. My dream turned into a nightmare. A man wrote in. He's thirty eight years old married to a woman who's forty two. He's five ten tommy's height. She's six one more. Like i thought one time was enough but now circus by soon and hats off your hat all right all right. He's short have been tommy. All right here we go. That's not even better. He says his mother has never liked her she. She told him that he needed to watch himself around her She calls his wife his bodyguard. Because she's so big. They dated a couple of years before they got married. He vowed to protect her because her ex husband. Here's according to her was abusive. He said he let her control the money early on and she treated him like a king until he asked her about moving to a bigger home because his bachelor pad was old in two small she got mad and said she didn't need he didn't need to spend money on nonsense and their home was fine. He went to his friend. Who works as a mortgage lender. They found out that the wife is pretty much a scammer. She has several credit cards in his name. She's filed for bankruptcy. She has a foreclosure on her. She uses an alias and her credit scores below six hundred so you know they also said that she likes beating up on men and all of this now. The husband is trying to find out what should he do. And why hasn't she been truthful and she wants to. He wants to find out. You know what situation tell them anything about this. So j you start enough saying saying that in order for you to leave the situation so what you need to get you some strong regular rope. It's gotta be. I'm enrolled glam rogan. Tau tight and then wake up wake up. So she'll notice that she's tied up but she came get you let me go. Yeah we ain't gonna do it to him thing because utada tight get out where you won't get out about that you're not getting out. Yeah what if i was. Yeah whatever whatever yeah. Yeah and it's talk as much as you can and then packaged in little tiny bags. And then you back on lever. That is not gonna work out here relationship with a woman. Compete you up in body slam. You don't be good. Ed surprised you didn't say duct tape felt like people on the airplane right. You.

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