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European cup to get a to get like a glock shomar here's the amazing thing in israel were like everyone nissen heavily armed in this kind of shift doesn't happen because when she won't actually under threat you know what i'm saying that is your own a gun there and you're not a soldier great you go to like a real like intense class you're evaluated both learned the end then you shared with an instructor two or three times when you leave that place you're like evaluated like brain that like that's like drivers that and then you take the test and then you there's a written tests another thing and then you i mean it was a shame i don't understand why regulation on on the we have so much we have regulation on so many things i don't understand why doesn't the reason the rationale doesn't carry over changes which taken a couple times go away you don't need after me very particular set of skills we amusing as an actor actually a mercenary like last night i was performing in north carolina at wake forest university wake forest just a month ago had a shooting there one of the eighteen schools that had a shooting and then they had that some other kind of racially charged incidents on campus and so that's one of the reasons they brought me out there like okay we need you know be great for you to talk about like bigotry whatever can eventually got me no it was like it was like one of these kind of lastminute things were they were like we really need rearing recover faster voiced their area.

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