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The Shenandoah WTOP Washington's top news on air and online at W. T. O. P. dot com morning I'm Stephanie gains Brian Jocelyn chessen is that the editor's desk coming up Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau says he will pursue justice for the families and friends of those fifty seven Canadians killed on board a Ukrainian airline house speaker Nancy Pelosi says America deserves a fair impeachment trial there are concerns about the workplace climate in Maryland's legislature according to a new survey I'm Melissa how what to pay attention to first if you want to handle money better in twenty twenty this is Kyle Cooper the wizard sunk by a former player in former Redskins highlight NFL championship Sunday I'm Robert for CBS news update more demonstrations reporter today in Iran after get admitted shooting down that Ukrainian jetliner with one hundred seventy six people aboard social media reports are of police firing tear gas and bullets president trump tweets warnings not to kill protesters dozens of plain victims were Canadians prime minister Justin Trudeau I am so deeply sorry for your loss this tragedy should never have occurred and I want to assure you that you have my full support during this extraordinarily difficult time as for the event that triggered last week's high tension president trump claimed he approved the killing hello hi Arabian military official because of threats before embassies defense secretary Aspin he believes that it possibly could have been attacks against additional embassies I share that view I know other members of national security share that view that's what I did play thousands of American paratroopers to the Middle East to reinforce our embassy in Baghdad and other sites throughout the region CBS news update on Tom forty it's four thirty to president trump says he quote couldn't care less if Iran negotiates this comes as his administration battles Congress on its use of the term imminent in referring to the threat posed by Iran's top commander yesterday defense secretary asper as we just mentioned countered the president on CBS's face the nation he says he did not see a threat tied to for American embassies which shot down the president's main argument as for saying today on face the nation that he quote didn't see a specific piece of evidence that said for U. S. embassies were threatened as the president had previously said in a fox news interview CBS news intelligence and national security reporter a livia Cossus Ukraine new Iran shot down that Ukrainian airlines flight even before the country admitted it the missile killed at all one hundred and seventy six people on board The Washington Post reports Ukraine's president had Intel but decided not to confront the Ron instead they sent their own investigators to gather hard evidence the post reports Ukrainian Ukraine's president walked a diplomatic tightrope not wanting to become embroiled in the Iran US conflict it's four thirty three Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau says he will pursue justice for the family of those fifty seven Canadians killed on board the Ukrainian international airlines passenger jet the plane as we just mentioned was shot down by a Ron shortly after taking off from Tehran we will continue to work with our partners to ensure that a full transparent investigation is conducted judo spoke at a vigil for the victims of the crash in Edmonton Canada Iran blames human error it's four thirty four four members of Iraq's military were wounded in a rocket attack just north of Baghdad and Iraqi air base was targeted American trainers are also at the base six rockets were fired it comes days after Ron fired ballistic missiles at two bases in in a rock housing US forces also last month an American contractor was killed by a rocket attack on a base in a rock house speaker Nancy Pelosi says Americans deserve and expect a fair impeachment trial of president trump speaking on ABC's this week the speaker says affair Senate trial should include witnesses and documentation to either do that or pay a price hello see says the house will vote this week to send articles of impeachment to the Senate ending a more than three weeks away we want the public to see and the need for witnesses witnesses with first hand knowledge of what happened documentation president trump is facing charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress it will be only the third impeachment trial in the history of the United States my camp in Washington for thirty five there could be a fake this could be a thing of the past those long lines at the bay bridge the work to make it happen started Sunday evening free toll lanes are being close to work can begin to tear down their toll booths and widen the lanes approaching the bridge trolling.

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