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Me whatever it is I can't, but that's different than putting on your street clothes, showering showering, drink lows, and leave in during the football. And I'm just going to say this and, and I'm a. Kevin love and what he did this year. Totally different circumstance as far as him struggling within Zaidi man. We don't know what people are going through. We think we're sitting on our couch like, man, these guys got a glamorous job, man. There's some ugly parts to football and the my last year plan in Miami, and I got my kidney and my kidney was only working twenty percent. I passed through to me Tyrone hit me and I wish I could quit later on that season drop the touchdown for us to potentially send us into the playoffs against the Vikings in Metrodome me chop the easy touchdown. Pam, and I wish I could acquit mentoring no easy way to get out of this business. But I do respect. I don't know where he was mentally and for him to be a shutdown corner and for him to decide at halftime. I don't want to be there. I'm going to try to respect his mental state also even know upset at the decision he made, there's no doubt about it. And I think he wakes up obviously. This morning and he's saying, you know what doing just what you're saying. Should've finished shouldn't let my brothers down. It's a brotherhood and you know that first and foremost in that locker room. You know, I finished a game and then go about your business, but you're right. We don't know where he's had physically where he's mentally. I always believe this man like a carpenter. I like to sign off on my work every day. Like, would you do? I did that. What is too high? Five for eighty? Would you do now? He can't sign off on network. You can't sign off on that right there unless there was something really going on his head. You can't sign off on and every day. That's what I try to pry my phone. I'm a sign off on the work that I did and that right there that what he signed off on and it's just not for player for player. Like you said, proble player, shutdown corner is time. Now this is his football epitaph like, this is what he will. 'cause he wasn't a great enough player that he had a legacy quote unquote beforehand, if people Monty Davis and people remember in five years, the guy that quit during the game that's brutal on that. Totally. You spent a lifetime building up this and one decision? Yes. Can tear it down and Rb coach stick around more to discuss coming up house, Blake, Bortles able to outduel Tom Brady next on first things. First. Back here. First things first with coach, Ghana coach, one of the biggest surprises of the weekend Jags and pats rematch of last year's ABC title game. But in name only while the patriots got the best of Blake Bortles last year it was quite a different story. Last night, Tom Brady couldn't get it done Bortles throwing four touchdowns three hundred seventy seven yards in the Jaguars win Brady did at two hundred and thirty four yards and two touchdowns in the patriots loss. Here he is after the game. A better job, and then I was not certainly our best effort know, give them a lot of credit..

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