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Demi pretty awesome like if you're looking for a place to tight Anders like tight am in that spot where you've got a yeah strong rates paid but but I mean for the most part I I if if they if the coaching staff hasn't you know made a consensus consensus decision by you know I guess on Friday the thirtieth I would use it for the thirteenth but yes Friday thirtieth then then I think maybe I'll have to that maybe you'll end up doing something like that where the first quarter is still overs than the second quarter's may field and then you can kind of assess at halftime okay which which one to look better let's have a go out for the third and fourth quarter and see how things pan out through practice is next week the following week well I've we've I had this conversation before and I've often said that I think you know I I don't I don't get completely why you know defensive lines rotate players Michigan uses you know eight to ten guys in the game and watch offense aligns don't do it Doug scheme for Michigan offense of linemen has always been like staff you don't get it the chemistry so important understanding where guys are understand we're guys are moving is so critically important on offense of line that you can't just rotate new guys and so that you wear down a defense I say all right I will I will bands to the two time all big ten first team performer he knows more about offense a line then I do right so but I still think early on in the season you've got this really close battle the coaches are saying it's you know it's it's splitting hairs which which one we go with why not play them both and so I asked this question of Ruben Riley former Michigan three year starter for the Wolverines played guard played tackle he will be back with us this fall to break down office of line play a little later in the week and Thursdays so ask Ruben abouts would you play both guys series by series or quarter by quarter in the first game and he said I absolutely would not do it series by series because I'd want these guys to establish a little bit of rhythm and you might have one series where you go three and out and then do you pull that guy out of its only got three plays he said I might do it quarter by quarter as long as the second quarter or whatever court you decide is now is not the continuation of a drive ray so if you have a drive ended in the first quarter I would swap that guy out I would just keep keep the one guy in there and tell that quarter he was but I think that could be a plan if you decided to do that and you you said both guys ahead of time Hey look this is what we're gonna do were we're gonna be both you guys an opportunity jail any at the first corner injury get the second quarter J. when you get the third quarter and you get the fourth quarter and he said what I would hope to see then is I hope to see if maybe the first game you can do it and the second game you say first quarter into this again second quarter to do this again halftime after halftime one he's got the job and then he said it of course the reason that they don't do this he said the reason that he doesn't see it done very often is traditionally if you look at Michigan or you look at big ten teams is you've always had two or three games leading up to the big ten season right and for the most part you know a lot of times you have a big game really early on in the non conference and so you don't you don't have the opportunity to do this back and forth you gotta you gotta be on your best foot immediately plane Washington plane or again playing Notre Dame plane trying to think about some of the other big name opponents have had early on the season Utah couple years ago you got to come out right away but this year is a little bit different table of a different opportunity but still you want to be ready to go and be peeking in and for the Wisconsin but he said he goes you know he's talked to call people he's a really good things about both jailing may field and and certainly interest to were instead of is that close and the coaches are now he also said looking goes even though you may think or they may talk about how it's a fifty fifty battle he goes there is I've never been in a situation where coach didn't know who the better player was coming out of fall camp he said they always had an understanding and you know the offense of line coach the the the head coach their offense of coordinator they will know who the bass player as I said what you could see happen as you could see a guy whose look a great practice player goes into that first game struggles a little bit and then maybe that's when you make a change but he's he's like it's not they're not going the first game going Hey let's flip a coin here and a German who the starter as one of these guys over the course of three weeks of training camp and the first couple days of game week has proved himself consistently to be the best one because that's the guys are going to go with yeah I mean that's the you know even have great practices but once you know the actual clock starts ticking and an actual live game it's a complete different thing you know you you can you could have you could be one of the stars of practice but the minute that they are actually in an actual game you may not look so hot and the other thing too is that how well you mesh with it in in terms of offense of line how well you can mash and and pair up with the the four alongside you as well too in so I think that's I think for the first game I might my sentiments are you know one guy one quarter that yeah we got a second quarter have time to assess what you think is the the best of the the better of the two options in game and game experience and then the second half have that person finish up the game yeah I think you have a great option in his first game especially yeah I've got me considering to that the game afterwards I mean granted they're not they're not on a par five opponent but there's still a you still have a I would say probably still tough team in an army coming in as well too so you kind of want to figure it out before you get to you September seventh at least yeah well I mean I think you want to figure out the first two games I'm we talked about this yesterday I don't think the army is maybe necessarily and I yeah I know I know I know that we've we talked about that they're a very over heights opponent coming in but something about service academies just like how I am with something about Indiana it's it's just one of those sneaky games you never know I understand I understand all right when we come back I will continue on our six on six is Ronnie bell going to be the surprise breakout player we haven't been talking about a knock off and it will the Josh gad is higher old to me pretty do best coaching hire Jim Harbaugh makes and his Michigan career this is out on sports talk ten fifty W. to get a ticket hi.

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