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Like you guys really make our day. So even. I want to let people hear the work. They've done. I appreciate the work did them. All right and loading. And here we go and you use. My God that was out. Bring it down notch. Oh live production here. All right. So how do we algebris fresh refresh? Do you have to meet yourself? We're good here. We go. Things that knowing me. So both good. I appreciate the second one for the Mario day tie in. But I think I'm going to go with number one number one is more in the spirit speaking rotated, it's working. Yeah. But thank you. Thank you who created that. Second one. Mark, mark. Thank you, Mark. He's a been other music for our show. And Dr daft created the first one we're gonna go that I did you want one? Yes. Well, look, these are obviously the short little things, and we're going to pull them from your notepad, I know one. So I apologize. If these are things, you guys are all over already. But just maybe you can help me understand why this happens. Let's let's give you one this week. Why don't people back into parking spaces? Why don't people back into the garages? It is this drives me crazy because it makes so much more sense to back into a parking space back into two took Araj back to driveway. Be and people don't do it because they're short sighted. They don't do it. Because they're thinking in the now, isn't right. Isn't the time commitment the same not same? Not. It's not the same. Because more efforts is an investment now to to pay off later to easily pull out of a spot later more safely. Yes. More safely. But I would argue that if you're going someplace being on time to get somewhere is more important than leaving somewhere. Presumably not in a rush, but people are more more in a rush to get places. They are to leave. But we're talking about a matter seconds. Right. We're talking about maybe five extra seconds toback in. Now. Granted I have a backup camera. Right. I have three sixty camera and top down through thick, and it makes backing into places remarkably easy, of course. But I've been backing into places since I. My first car like this is in in the nineties when there wasn't such things backup stick shift, and I could do it. And I did it because it makes so much more sense. And there's people who pull into their driving, you know, their driveway or into a parking space because that's the easy thing to do when you got there. But then it's time to leave and they're in the car backing out. They can't see anything. They can't see any pedestrians or walking by the Kinsey cars coming. If they would just back into begin with when they had a much better vantage point on the pedestrians that are walking there because they're driving down that road. They have a sense of where people are they've back in then when they pull out they've got full range. You can see everything. You know, I did not know what to expect the segment, and I can tell you. I have not disppointed. I have not this appointed. I'm retracting, my hustle. Buff claim in this feels a little more slithering. You're you're you're is one hundred percent valid what you're saying. Okay. Good. Thank you. Thank you think. It's that's gratifying though. You're not you're not not concede that that is a thing that people will do or should do. We don't think it is. How could it be valid and not all should valid in that I can see why bugs you. Oh, I see the logic behind this. But I'm terrible driver. So I'm just going to keep doing it the way you put in forwards. Oh, yeah. All the time..

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