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Broken record. Hey everyone I want to quick set to talk about somebody I know you already love and adore, but we can't get enough quest love. Of course you know from a sprawling conversation with Malcolm Rick on season to a broken record from his work with legendary hip hop band the roots from Jimmy Fallon's tonight show or just from DJ on a stage near you. But the also has an amazing music podcast. Call Quest Love Supreme. Questions team, bring you interviews weekly from the legends of today and yesterday. Be Sure not to miss out on fantastic episodes with Jill Scott, fat Joe set Rogan and I'm happy to report our very own. Rick Rubin will be appearing sue. Be should check quest love supreme on the iheartradio, APP or wherever you get your podcast. Back with more from the BBC's and Spike Jonze. What did you know about about Beastie boys at that point, or what did you? What was your impression? Them and you have heard of him I. Don't think I knew anything I think the first thing that I heard of the Beastie boys was Cooky Puss, which I loved, and I remember I was in San Francisco, and I heard it at a. she was a writer and a the. Empowers Yeah I think it might have been powers. And I think I was state staying at her like lofty place. And I think I heard there I. don't know if she played it. Or if I heard it on the radio in San Francisco when I was there, but I remember the connection of being at her house and hearing it. And I thought wow, that's really cool. That was really really into hip hop the time and felt like it was the first punk rock expansion towards him up. That's what it felt like. It was as much a punk. I would say was as much a punk rock record as it was anything else compared to hip hop records, it was punk rock, but compared to other punk rock records. It was more hip hop and I remember thinking really cool, and and and had A. And I remember laughing at it and laughing at it with it. You know like laughing with it thinking. This is really funny. It's really good, and I remember I. Remember the I remember Yao and his motorcycle jacket and his long raincoat, and at one point I felt like him and Nick Cooper kind of how to similar. vibe. You know that raincoat. How I met. Nick Cooper, but I remember that to me. It felt like an anomaly. In both cases. The raincoat vibe was not something you saw. Kids in New York. Wearing like it was a. it was a fashion statement to where Long Somewhat Dressy raincoat. Yeah, yeah, the ring vibe played played strong when I first met Yok..

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