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There you have it my conversation with sean stevenson folks out of everything that we covered if he could only implement one thing just one of all just one thing out of everything that we covered what's the one thing that you can do such that by doing it would make getting better sleep easier or unnecessary i'll share with you i absolutely have used flux i have it on my computer i have that setting enabled on my iphone at eight thirty pm all of a sudden the blue light get stripped away and it doesn't come back till 700 am and my wife and i have made it a real priority to be in bed by ten o'clock there were times when we were up watching game of thrones or house of cars and all of a sudden it's you don't you're watching you're episodes and all of a sudden it's eleven o'clock at night and you're going to bed when i heard that from just tend to to you wanna get just does hours will give you the majority of the results of your sleep all of a sudden boom it just became priority sorry policing we have to go earlier otherwise gotta go to bed what's the one thing you can do folks is always gift fish show has made an impression on you please leave a review on your podcast player of choice note this episode specifically because all those reviews come to us we get to see and we could see your feedback and most importantly other people see it and it may inspire them to take action and listen which you know the impact of that can make thank you so much if you were not yet subscribe to the show go ahead and hit that subscribe button so all future episodes while automatically be downloaded cheer device with that go get a good night's rest give it a shot see how you feel about your field awesome who will see in the next show.

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