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This is I think the TV transformation of the TV industry is one of the most amazing, and how technology is transforming. It is one of the most interesting stories in media and technology right now, it's we'll keep an eye on another angle here that I wanted to bring up there were a couple of shutdowns in the digital media space. And I'm curious what people think that might mean for the future of digital media film. Struck got shut down. Is Warner media streaming service for classic movies. It was shut down by the new owners AT and T defy media. And now we read about this in the Hollywood reporter had seventy five million YouTube subscribers across a bunch of different brands and previously owned screen junkies, which they sold earlier this year that also they basically have shut down the company are selling off those those existing YouTube brands of these are very diff. Stories in many ways, but they to something that I think is interesting. It's how this landscape is evolving film struck. It seems like this might be AT and T saying we know that people aren't going to subscribe to forty different niche services, and we wanna come up with a new bigger service that we wanna put all of our content into and I feel like consolidation of all of these different services thing that's going to happen because nobody we're not going to have twenty different eight dollar a month services. Be wildly successful. Natalie. What how did you read the film struck shutdown?.

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