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60 $2 and 50 cents. See, I can add. I can do math in my head. But $62 50 cents is not a crazy amount for a lot of players, right? Like it's somewhat reasonable for pick four players. And that's giving them 5 by 5 by one by 5 or in this case 5 by one by 5 by 5 coverage. And obviously there's different ways to go about it. But to add in that fourth difficult leg where you might have to go four or 5 deep, it literally jumps the ticket cost up to $312 and 50 cents because it's 625 combinations. And so I would argue that there's a pretty big prohibitive cost to go from $60 to $300 for a lot of players. A lot of players, I would say a majority of players, 300 is on the north end of what they're willing to spend or lose in a day. I think it's way on the north end of that. Most folks are playing, you know, 5, ten, 15, 20 bucks a race max. And so you know, it's that much more difficult to hit that pick 5 for a lot of reasons. And I think when you add a 5th race that's not only an extra leg, but a tough leg like that first race was that's why you get a much bigger payout. The feature at aqueduct on Saturday, the Garland of rosa steaks, and I was so, so wrong. This race in terms of how I thought it could play out versus how it did, but I should say I was right on how it how it was right on how I thought the race would set up. It just didn't finish. I thought I thought city lady looked like very dangerous lone speed. I thought just Reddit was a really good long shot to come from off the pace. Both those happened for the first half of the race, but not so much the second. Let's take a listen back to John and brielle's call. Here is the garlic of roses. And they're off. It is Citi lady who goes out for the early lead. It is Sadie lady in front. Let me take this call runs in second song rivers on the outside and third call on mischief down at the rail and forth. Just read it as next day and 5th, star front far outside and the early trailer is glass ceiling in 7th. Sadie lady is the leader here by a length and a half. Song river up on the outside, second by ahead. Let me take this call down towards the rail and third the quarter one in 22 and one. It is Sadie lady, the leader here by a little more than a length. Let me take this call down at the rail in second, then comes song river star front on the extreme outside, call on mischief. His advancing now in between horses. And then at the back is a glass ceiling. As the field comes into the stretch, still Sadie lady there, the half 45 and three glass ceiling is gobbling up the slop on the outside. Here comes glass ceiling, who has now taken over the lead. Call on mischief has moved into second. Let me take this call and Sadie lady. Last ceiling with a less to first victory in the Garland of roses. So glass ceiling super impressive took to the slop and rallied from off the pace. They went Sadie lady. I thought, you know, could be dangerous on the lead, 5 and a half to one thought the price was all right and just got overwhelmed by him down the stretch in a glass ceiling, Dylan Davis, who continues to really do well lately. It seems like it seems. And I feel like I've said that for a while now. So maybe he's just doing maybe he's just good. But yeah, really, really nice effort from a glass ceiling, you know, has just gotten just been, you know, they claim for 40,000 back in the spring and as I talked about when we preview this race. You know, this horse was very solid before the claim and charm baker Charlie baker is a very like just one of those incredibly good New York trainers that's year and year out of very solid numbers kind of bar and obviously we talked about the success of Saratoga points toward that meet yada yada yada. But this horse in the Cantor Macy barnum actually is a kind of Machiavelli. But you know, was running high 80s low 90s bridge numbers was competing with that first level allowance. They finally drop in for acclaim. Charlie takes horse jumps up to pretty much that same allowance condition, run second, runs a low 90 number, runs an 81 in the start after like still takes a while to get through that first condition. In fact, took four starts. Finally got through it in pretty big fashion at Belmont and then last time and then the pumpkin pie ran very good behind lady rocket who we know came back in one and it just seems to be in good form right now. And a four year old horse has been around a little bit, but it just seems I mean and it's like I said, the move forward from a numbers standpoint like it's not it's not that much. Like it's not that big of a move forward, but just, you know, that extra little step sometimes at that higher level, it's the difference between winning and losing when they all can run. But really, really nice effort from glass ceiling to get the wind. Down at Gulfstream park, but he's down there in South Florida PETA yellow and Acacia back down at Gulfstream and love all the folks down there. Ron nicoletti, I always do my Nickelodeon impression whenever safi Joseph wins because he'll do it on the show and go. Mister safi Joseph junior so I always do that anytime so everyone's a race wherever I'm calling, which of course is pretty much only here at this point. But you know he's a mom with a Calder and stuff like that. But anyways, the feature, the mister prospector steaks. Let me get back to horse racing and not my run. Nicoletti impression. The mist prosper kind of the first big graded stakes race in the championship meet and obviously sets the tone here as we get into several pretty fun months of racing data Gulfstream, a lot of big Saturdays and looking forward to it..

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