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Hour. This show is flying by Tom Brady. Tampa Bay Fucking Here's How about that? Super Bowl champions. Wow. We're coming to you live from the rocket board. Get studios. You need certain to the home buying process. The loan that fits your life. Rocky, can I think I just said third and final hour. We still got one more hour After this. You get what I'm trying to say. I'm still love living in a sense of euphoria. After TV 12 got his seventh ring last night, the greatest of all time. And how about that? Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense? That was ridiculous. I thought the bucket is we're gonna win the game. You could have given me I don't know. 347 guess is none of those two engine and 47 guesses. What had me saying that Patrick Mahomes in the chief's offense would have been held out in the end zone in that game. Chiefs only get nine Points in the game last night, and they were all field goals. That's really something. All right, let's head out to the guest line right now. Welcome, and Sam Macho. The former linebacker, played for the Cardinals the Bears and also did spend a year in Tampa Bay. He also has a book out. Called had to be real in the world to fakes. We'll talk about that in the podcast as well. And if you recall right when it was announced that Tom Brady was gonna enter free agency, and Tom Brady wasn't coming back to the Patriots so much it was on the show, and he predicted that Tom Brady was going to Tampa Bay. Sam, how you been appreciate the time. I've been good, Zach. I've been good man. I predicted he was going attempt. I have some sources. I wish I could have predicted the 30 31 29. Uh, but that was a great game. Did that surprise you last night? Not that the Bucks one, but just the way that that game was a blowout last night. Yeah, with a little bit surprised. I wasn't shocked. Obviously, I look a storyline. So when you look at what was going off throughout that week, nothing to do with my homes and his injury and him limping throughout the game. But more so, looking at what happened with Andy Reid and that son and and just it just seemed like that team wasn't really dialed in. Not only from a player perspective, but from a coaching perspective as well. I've been on teams. We've been to the national championship game one year and then next year. You almost see this kind of drop off of this idea. We're not just the players with the coaches are letting things slide and, of course, No one's going to admit that, but at the same time you got a team like tempo that's hungry. Hadn't been there and 18. Not 18 years, 19 years and you got a guy like Tom Brady's trying to build a legacy? Of course, they're gonna come in determined not to be distracted. I know it's easy to look back at it now, but the confidence and it wasn't allowed confidence, but they gave you some hence throughout the week. I'll just start off of Brady before they even won that game. He's talking about how they're going to be better next year. That probably should have been assigned. Tell us that the Bucks are definitely gonna win this game. Yeah, look at that stuff, and I got some friends to play on that team. Apparently, some of the guys on the team got a text saying the night before from Tom Brady, saying we will win this game. Number one talk about people talk about subliminal messaging. We will win this game. And the wind didn't start. On Sunday didn't start the night before with the text message. It started when Tom Brady first signed with the team, and he found every player's number and reach out to every single player to build that relationship to build a bond. Yes, there was no okay, I get that. I understand. There was no training camp Igor minimal. No preseason game, minimal training camp. I get that I understand. We were social distance. I get that, but this dude was determined to win. He was going to do whatever it took to do it. Sam Macho here with us. Where was the belief level last year? You were a part of that team. You guys had a very good roster. But can you take us through some of the thinking in that locker room last year on what type of team you guys thought you had going into the season? Well, we were the belief level was not there. And here's what I mean by that Bruce Arians. His beliefs level is through the roof. This confidence level is sky high. Every team has been on no matter where he's been. He's always finished with At least a winning record eight or eight or better, And for the first time, he actually was shocked. We finished last year seven and nine. We had a chance to be eight. Nate. We lost the last game and he was shocked, he said. I've never been on a On a team with a losing record and as a team that I coach, it's It's never happened before been head coach And so he said. We're turning this thing around and they knew exactly what they needed to get there. They From from players to staff. They all said, We are a quarterback away. And some people might hear that and say That's a knock on Jamie's Winston, right? You may be right in saying that, but more so they were a quarterback who believed away right? It's one thing to have a quarterback. That's nothing to have a quarterback, a leader and veteran Who believes, and so once Tom Brady signs up, Everybody else signs up. We're not just signing up this practice harder to work out more. You're signing up to win a Super Bowl. That's why all this coaches they're saying that's why nobody wants to leave. Everybody wants to be In Tampa next year, because one they just one but two, they know they can win again and again and again, as long as Tom Brady is the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, every player every coach, every administrator, every person in that building. God only knows, but believes they will be playing for if not winning a Super Bowl. Sam Macho, let's get to the defense Todd Bowles put on just an absolute masterpiece. The defense from Vita Vita Jpp. Levante. David Shack, Barrett, Devon White, the Dominic and still I go on and on on and till I Antoine Winfield Junior. It was. I know that the chief had offense align issues, but How you basically made Tyree kill a non factor. You like Kelsey get his yards, but he couldn't get in the end zone, Emma Holmes to have two interceptions and no touchdowns. I know that defense is great, but they put on their best performance of the season. That's saying something because they just took down Rogers and breeze right before that. Yeah, well, Todd Bowles is the mastermind. He's a defensive genius. He's One of the if not the most brilliant mind and football, And here's why I say that I've been on a Todd Bowles coach team for three out of my nine years, a third of my NFL career 33.33 repeating. Set of my career. I've been on it. Todd Bowles coach defense and not only were we the smartest defense if you will on the field obviously number one run defense in the NFL multiyear. And also the top five defense, But Todd Bowles specifically, he knows what's coming before it even comes and that means something for two reasons. Number one. He'll call the play. They'll call his defense in order to stop the play that he believes is going to happen. So he puts the players in a position to make plays, period..

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