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I mean, really and truly it was three. I mean, we did it was a whirlwind. I think we just didn't stop. We like fed on the energy of the people that were around us the people that were willing to mobilize behind us. People were coming out of the woodworks willing to give us anything and everything whatever we asked. We were able to find somebody who was willing to donate something to help us out. And so we were just sort of living off the energy of the people around us. We were able to have a super successful event here at ballpark village. The team over a ballpark village were fabulous. We hosted another huge auction. The cardinals will actually won that day. So everybody was happy. Thrilled cards. Kyle. House a huge cub fan. Yeah. Joe madden. I think Senator right where he was pretty pretty mad of the Diamondbacks. I am too. But yeah, I think I think the event here was incredible again, still not in Larry's backyard and to see the support that we were getting, you know, we got to thank you for all the stuff, you got all sorts of signed memorabilia, and then you go, and you have another event in Chicago at this point. You're getting through the summer. What's it like to see that at number rise and midway through the summer? Let's say in between Saint Louis and Chicago event where are you guys at donation wise that point we had hit a little over one hundred thousand so midway through the summer is six months. Yeah, we had two big Larry sponsors one giant five K in the city move for kids. A typical Chicago May Day, forty degrees and raining. Was like sewing a little bit. It was gorgeous. Great data run a five k, but we were I think one of the top five leeward. We were the top fundraising team that year. This year. We did move or run for gas which is put on by the the young associates board which fundraisers for run for us. Not move for kids. Yeah, we're top five move for kids and then run for God's. I believe we were the top fundraising team said he was the top fundraiser. You probably got a lot of money through those raises. But just see us get roughly one hundred hundred and fifty thousand midway through the summer was was astounding. Yeah. Then in September September is pediatric cancer awareness month. So we wanted to host our big and final event in Chicago home for us home for Emma and home to Larry children's in the months that mattered most to us, which is September pediatric awareness month. We hosted a huge event at Arlington racetrack, which is a horse race racetrack out in the suburbs. Another huge event, lots of Batman ponies, but lots of raising money for pediatric brain tumor research as well another huge silent auction, which was also very successful. Got a big donation in that one one of our our friends. Knows the owner of the Jaguars starter. So we actually got a very nice donation from the Jaguars foundation as well. You have I connection connection. I think I know. It's awesome. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's just it's been an incredible year. The website again is Emma's memory dot org. During this time of year wanted to let people know some of the things that are important to me and really make you guys talk about what you're doing. I won't say what you've done what you're doing for so many people you've got merchandise up right now from ties to beautiful little bows for little girls to. Was to jewelry some really really cool stuff that that all goes to the cause as well. I know there will be more events next year, but like a week and a half away from two thousand eighteen ending February second two thousand eighteen Emma leaves where are you guys at right now in relation to your your three hundred thousand dollars goals? He thought it was going to take five years, and it's been it's been ten months. Yeah. Oh won't you take yesterday? We actually showed up at children's hospital, and we were able to present them with a check for two hundred nineteen thousand dollars. We are over seventy percent of the way there, which when I say it out loud sounds even more crazy than it sounds in my head, but two hundred nineteen thousand dollars is pretty incredible. We certainly could not have done it without the support of our family, our friends strangers who we've met along the way who have become friends friends who have become family, the doctors the nurses the team at Lurie children's. We couldn't have done it without all of the support that we have behind us, but we're not stopping we've got a long way to go. And I think at this point with us as quickly as we've gotten two hundred nineteen thousand dollars. I think three hundred thousand seems like a little goal now we're gonna we're gonna keep going Emma's memory dot org is the website if you guys want to learn more about what Kyle and Sadie and their families. And so many other people are doing learn more. About Larry children's hospital as well. I know Saint Louis has been a big part of what has happened. It was a big part of Egmont is a big part of your family, and we'll be forever. So. You know? I just can't thank you guys enough instead of bickering about the cubs and cardinals over a beer, I said, come by the radio station. I will do the beer later. And we'll talk about the amazing things. You guys have done and are going to continue to do. So thank you so much and you'll see in a couple of hours revenue. Thanks, Chris Emma's, memory dot org. You can check my Twitter to at C H R A B E, Ben Frederickson wrote an incredible piece over the summer about their connection, Anthony Rizzo. And just this is what I wanted to talk about tonight. So I.

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