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From NPR news. In Washington, I'm Shay Stevens. US central command has released recording. It says shows an Iranian patrol boat, removing and unexploded mind from one of two tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman. Secretary of state. Mike Pompeo had already blamed the attacks on Iran calling retaliation for US actions and the decision to pull out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal. But Iran rejects those claims it's foreign minister calls the tanker explosion suspicious. The traditionally bipartisan House Armed Services committee, as approved its annual defense policy Bill following marathon session that ended Thursday morning. The vote was split along party lines. NPR's David welna reports that Democrats control the panel included provisions that directly challenge Trump administration policies. It was nearly seven o'clock in the morning when a clerk report of the final tally on the national defense. Authorization act on this chairman is our thirty three. And the knows are twenty four only two of the panels. Twenty six Republicans voted for the Bill. It provides seventeen billion dollars less for defense next year than the seven hundred fifty billion dollar Bill Republican controlled Senate Armed Services committee has approved it also sharply. Restricts military spending on a border wall with Mexico bands, arming submarines with tactical nuclear weapons and forbid, sending anymore war captives to Guantanamo the Bill now goes to the full house, David welna, NPR news, Washington. The wife of Republican California. Congressman Duncan Hunter has made a deal with prosecutors as KTBS's Matt Hoffman reports. Margaret hunter has pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations. Margaret hunter changed her plea from not guilty guilty of conspiring with congressman Duncan Hunter to spend more than two hundred thousand dollars in campaign funds for personal use. She is cooperating with prosecutors ended appears she will be testifying against her husband. Mrs hunter. Pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States afterwards, her attorney, Thomas McNamara Reta statement on her behalf. I.

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