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Next the president abandoned since pick to be the country's top intelligence official after bipartisan outrage as another Republican Congress calls it quits tonight is trump's party starting to turn or not Baltimore Pastor praised by the president has a message for trump. After the president called the city rodent infested. He's out front and the president escalating trade war with China issuing a new threat as Americans consumers pay the price strikes. Let's go out and good evening. I'm Erin Burnett out front tonight. Going down in flames. President trump's nominee to lead the U._S. U._S.. Intelligence community has picked for the Director of National Intelligence is done congressman. John ratcliffe forced to withdraw felt that had congressman radcliff was treated very unfairly. He's just too good. He doesn't deserve it trump blaming the media but the truth is that Republican Republican Senators had serious concerns about Ratcliffe Qualifications G._O._P.. Leadership never came out to support his nomination G._O._P.. Members called the trump White House to express express their concerns because it wasn't qualifications that got ratcliffe the nomination it was ratcliffe impassioned defense of President Trump in the muller hearing Americans need to know this as they listen to the Democrats and Socialists on the other side of the aisle as they do dramatic readings from this report the volume two of this report was not authorized under the law to be written. It's all part of what one G._O._P.. Source Tonight calls trump's S. H.. I. Blank Show and that's a quote. According to the source Republicans are all tired of trying to defend the S. H.. I. Blank Show another part that show today trump loading at the news that Congressman Elijah Cummings home was broken into the president's tweet quote really bad news exclamation point the Baltimore House of Elijah Cummings was robbed opt to bad this just days after the president's tweet rant against Cummings where you called Cummings a racist and called the Congressman's Baltimore district a disgusting ousting rat and rodent infested mess after the President's tweet about a gloating about Elijah Cummings of the break in at least one Republican stood up trump's former ambassador to the United United Nations Nikki Haley responding quote this is so unnecessary but other Republicans have clearly had enough to the only black Republican the House of Representatives announcing. He's leaving Congress will hurt a moderate Republican who opposed the wall by the way he represented the longest stretch of border. Here's trump. I don't know congressman heard but I've heard he's done a good job. We different certain subjects trump may not know heard well but Republicans know trump heard is the eighth republican to say he's not running for re election the sixth to do so in just the past two weeks. Pamela Brown is out upfront the White House tonight and Pamela. What more are you learning about Ratcliffe and this you know president was full steam ahead and now <hes> boom? It's over boom. It's over and I've spoken to administration sources today Aaron expressing concern once again about the vetting process here at the White House or lack thereof a source familiar the process saying that president trump selection of Congressman Ratcliffe came without ample vetting and that his performance last week during the Robert Muller hearing sealed the deal for him one source telling me Aaron the White House is known for weeks that codes would be replaced and that there's no excuse for a lack of vetting force in a typical administration a thorough vetting would be done and White House officials would be designated to defend the president's pick. It's worse to say Republicans have made their concerns about rackliff known to the White House this week his lack of national security experience spirit the exaggeration of his resume brought to light and news reports and that the pick of political loyalist who was questioned the intelligence community's role in the restaurant probe could be problematic automatic. Well trump defended his pick all week and eventually became clear to him. I'm told that ratcliff would run into issues too. Many issues getting confirmed. Even though publicly the president is pinning the blame on the media as you know we'll also say and he needs the media's help to <hes> to vet but you know what's interesting here is. I'm told that the president hasn't some been concerned about rackliff lack of qualification because he wanted someone in the role who he melds with personality wise. That was something you never felt like he had with Dan Coats but tonight he's back to the drawing board Saint Hill nominate someone else perhaps as soon as Monday Aaron. Thank you very much Pamela Brown of course that was the the president blaming the media and then saying I need you guys you know. Oh you save us a lot of money. If you do the vetting for me how tonight Democratic Congressman Rogachova he's a member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and I appreciate your time congressman is always so so do you applaud your Republican colleagues in the Senate <hes> because they did <hes> stop this they stood up against president trump's nomination of congressman ratcliffe deny yeah I think it it gets to the point that I think this necessity is both a reaction to what trump is doing and and to the fact that continues to send nominees not only not qualified but quite frankly already tainted coming into the process and I think it's become a political necessity for the leadership in the Senate to begin to reject push back and deny those confirmations <hes> because like it or not you know the American public is watching and watching this this trail of nominees that once they come into positions and they are approved by the Senate <hes> turn out to be merely habit handmaidens at least in resources e._p._a.. HANDMAID's for for the industry and <hes> I <hes> I think be more of a political necessity than than a real find of conscious at this point political interesting okay so that's how you see it. Let me let me just ask you though in the context of as I said you know the the the G._O._p.. Fundraiser telling US <hes> the Republicans are tired of defending what they see as the president's <hes> expletive <hes> show Nikki Nikki Haley the president's former U._N.. Ambassador today and by the way she left on great terms with the president she called him out for that tweet about a break in at Elijah Cummings home <hes> she she wrote. This is unnecessary. <hes> you know when the president said I heard homes rob too bad exclamation point. Kellyanne Conway slammed back at Haley's tweet saying this this is unnecessary. What do you make of Haley and what she did? I I'm glad she did that. I really GAM she's. She's a national profile Republican leader with with discussions about what her future will be in terms of her continuing her political life hyphen continue to to move upwards at the the fact remains that I think will hopefully hopefully enriching tip tipping point and congressman heard was was a good congressman and worked hard and tried to work across the aisle with Democrats. We've worked together on pieces of legislation that affected his district and other parts of of of Texas. The fact is I think we reached a tipping point the bigotry and racism and the attacks coming all associated with that at some point point at some point the Republicans have to understand that they are marginalizing themselves politically in this nation so let's say changes and himself to do not exist in party congressman you say tipping point. Obviously there's been eight Republicans. WHO've said they're not running for re election heard is the sixth to do so in just the past two weeks have have you discussed with any of your Republican colleagues why what their reasons are then? There's sort of private way for saying they're done it. In a very private way is that they don't feel that they're legislating anymore. They feel quite frankly that their ability to get things done to work on compromises on some level of bipartisanship has been lost and that the unpredictable the unpredictability and and the kind of rash decision making that's coming out of the administration and trump all puts them in a very vulnerable position to get their job done number one and number number two the other point is we don't know what's going to happen next and politically this is starting. This is going to be an anchor for us as we go forward and many decide that it's it's not worth it in and to twenty two run for office having to carry as an Albatross this this trump legacy from the last four years so oh you you know you you have now passed the majority marker in terms of House Democrats calling for an impeachment inquiry right so you're at one hundred and eighteen out of two hundred and thirty five. Have you got over that line it just in the past day today House Speaker Nancy Pelosi still not there. This is a big moment but but I wanna be clear <hes> congressman you would need another hundred votes in the House to actually impeach the president in the House right. I mean once you go through presenting you would need more votes to get there is speaker Pelosi going to keep stalling until you get a lot closer to that number. I mean originally. She said you know I it appeared once. I was a majority in the caucus but now she could move the goalposts. Couldn't she well I I would I would hope that that we don't move the goalposts that this has been from beginning with fourteen of us to this point one hundred and eighteen people that feel that the impeachment inquiry is necessary in the next step forward. I would suggest suggests that that number is going to continue to grow and at some point our caucus will be overwhelmingly for moving forward. I think I think Nancy that's who will respond to that hundred that not if you look at it as that that there's one hundred more votes to get to an absolute majority in the entire House of Representatives right you think you're going to start to see a lot more people quickly getting on board because plenty of those Democrats who aren't on board with an inquiry are Democrats are moderate district's right they they don't WanNa ever be forced to vote on impeachment but but do you think you're going to go from one hundred eighteen in support of an inquiry and jump quickly higher. I think I think we're going contracting quickly as a relative term but I think very I think that number's going to continue to increase on a weekly basis and Says.

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