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Staff or you can train them to. Do you know the administrative staff whatever use. There's tons of things like that. But dogs triggers news and routines. And all those things dogs can absolutely also in mitigating on solving problems. So it's interesting many any of the residents where my mom lives are not. They're not super social. Most of them are fairly. Wow now now wheelchairs. My Mom's next door neighbor she she walks. I want to say she's a wanderer because she can't wonder off. She walks every inch of the residents but she doesn't really speak she mumbles and she's Irish so what she mumbles sometimes is not English. You listen carefully and cross your fingers really hard. Sometimes she'll pop out an English English word and sometimes you can grab it and maybe respond to her and some sort of reasonable way because she knows exactly what she's saying Aslam you and and you look at her and you're like I have no clue what you're saying it's frustrating to her and I would think that I don't know if she's a dog person I can ask. I can't remember her interacting with my mom's dog but I could see throwing the ball for the dog or just interacting with the dog Dogwood. At least give her something else to do. Besides roam around just renovated this past summer and I swear that woman's GonNa wear around the carpet again goes around and around and around. Dogs are very good at also just reading your emotions. So you could imagine you're communicating with them in a foreign language and your body. Language needs a lot in her body language. The dogs can easily trains interact and interface. flinches having a you know those kinds of situations I honestly know the very very valuable tool in the total amount of you know in those kind of environments night huge institutional environment as well as just maybe not an immolate stage. Alzheimer's were.

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