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Listening to to one and things for volunteering to come on and let us pick your brain a little bit and rep out with you listener about crypto. No worries, man. Thanks for having me bro. When did you as a favor and tell us we're just talking off line and you are doing a PHD in Ireland tells a little bit about yourself. Yeah, so I'm twenty six. I'm doing a PHD here in Arlon Thomas vehicles. So specifically integrating wearables and fitness devices into a tunnel vehicles in the future, how they can affect the handover between control of drivers and vehicle. So that's pretty much what I'm working on. I've been into crypto for maybe a year and a half. So I pretty much started around the same time as you did with the podcasts. I remember looking up a month or two, and then I was like grip to one with one. I listen to this damn sticking with us ever since. Yeah, pretty much. Thank you. No worries. Then when it comes to crypto, I suppose I've actually known about bitcoin since maybe two thousand ten. My dad is kind of like the fish out away story. He, he, I remember him coming to go. I think I'm gonna buy some this bickering put one hundred euros into it, and it was like eleven sent at the time who and. I I don't. I don't. Even he just decided not to or whatever. And I remember phone up in like second year of college and I was like, oh, do you see four hundred or four hundred dollars? And he has like how he's like, fuck. Then ever since he's just been kicking himself. Bitcoin. Yeah. Oh, it would have been a bit more? No, actually about a thousand bitcoin. Yeah. Those bitcoin hitting all twenty thousand dollars in January. Absolutely not. Kind of flirted with a bit more in college as well, but never got into it. We kind of made an investment funds with myself, MC panels, IRS in college, and we're like, oh, half us investment bitcoin. The other half had wanted nothing to do with us. So we kind of ended up spitting and people who didn't want anything to do with. We all just taking our money back and some people went and actually themselves. I was too lazy to go do this. So those guys have a couple of bitcoin now as well. So I've always been in and around space, but it was only like a year and a half go kind of started to come back again that I actually read. He got into a there started putting some money in a quick question for you about the driverless cars and let people say that they're going to operate on blockchain. Do you think that's possible? Oh, absolutely. Really. I don't think they're going to drive around using blockchain. I think all the data transmissions are going to be, are you going to use chain? So let's say, for example, when I'm working with this actually trying. Get. So let's say you're driving along and you may suffer a heart attack. Miami is connect and say the healthcare network too, so that they can say, okay, this person is heart rights reactivated. They have a history of heart disease, and you can get from the hospital for an e health network, and they say, okay, well, compared to someone who who's completely healthy will maybe elevated Harvey. It doesn't really matter, but someone who's has elevated Hartmut and you might need to do something different and all that data transfer needs to be completely secure. 'cause you're eating very sensitive information and right. Easiest way to do that. I see is blockchain reaching onto some of the health records on the black chain companies that have been floating around the crippled went to one in ICO one channel? Yeah, definitely a haven't reached out any yet. I'm not. Actually. I thought stage PHD more looking at the data site maybe next year. I'll be looking at stuff like that, but I think it's make so much sense. Like the healthcare industry is a disgrace in our land. And I think most most countries and I got an x Ray in Dublin, let's say, I can't see that x Ray in Galway live because because why?.

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