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They put Galvin and who was injured he had a knee problem early on it and since then he has been transcended is now did sell millions of course he hobbled off the field that would be a big loss he's being attended to down earlier sideline ways to each side first and send out the forty nine of Baylor roar off the right half plastic the shock of man at the man's tackle there in the open field by Kenny Murray the captain of the you defense five yards of the Kerry virtue Michael Hastings I would say have tackled a half wall of that time yes with Kenny Murray is the distance golf them with both farms wrestling to the ground hasty now the thirty eight players Baylor all time with over a thousand yards rushing second out of forty six W. will move the football rooms the forty that's a first six more yards for Charlie brewer a lorry still plenty of time here prevails officers over here so I got two and a half minutes on the clock person said we're awfully actually pros caught by police to the left side and he is dragged down is to be a loss of the play Kenny Murray sniffed it out it makes the tackle for Oklahoma's in the cream jerseys tonight with the crimson sleeves forty eight degrees crystal clear light here at Waco abruptly stadium twenty eight to three Baylor now second to all but the Oklahoma forty two yards hello fluoride group takes the stand close well for me the line of scrimmage and it's Marie again you throw it anywhere.

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