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Even better. Hey, guys. Thanks for having me back. Yeah, the the Dodgers seems a belt has really gone over. Well, here, all right. The book? Yes. The blue and white. I'm drawing a blank on the name but it gets compliments. It's the deep end. It's the deep any deep, Betty. Thank you. Yes, Of course. How could I forget? You're darn Dodgers are getting too big for your britches. Now. God, the Dodgers loaded up the boat was sure measure and You know God leader looking good? No. Well, if you watch them lose to the diamond backs last night, you wouldn't think they're getting too big yet. So we got a ways to go, but we sure like having some masters er and trade Turner in our life, but dear to your question about the Olympic golf. Um yeah, it's it's here. It's kind of boring. And you know a lot of us have written solutions or alternatives, how to how to make it better and You know, we're just We're going to keep chipping away. I think because it's pretty obvious when people are watching they like a team elements and they like it to not be just another stroke play event for the men or the women. A lot of people are Throwing out the idea they'd love to see mixed competition and this year's Olympics with He's fascinating relays that are that are blending men and women. I don't know how you do that in golf. I think that might be getting carried away. We need to get the team part first, and then and then go from there. So, Yeah, I basically proposed a total rip off of the golf championship format. You have a stroke play a tournament. You give some Metals out and then you you, you maybe use that as a way to qualify and seed. Uh, some teams and yet you copy of the CIA five player team matches and Drama and mass play and nationalities at stake, and I think it's I think it's just a total home run. If you do that. Jeff, who is driving this ship. I thought Ty Votaw of the PGA Tour did for a while, but is it the Olympic Committee is that the USDA is the PGA Tour European tour who drives the ship on determining the format for the Olympics. Well, those people you mentioned Ed. But of course, they also like to blame the IOC and say the IOC wanted recognized format for championships. And so they did that at Rio. But, you know, then you talk to other people. And they said, Yeah, I'll see. They don't care. They just want a good competition. They want the big names there and they want they want to be positive. And they're not that picky. So it just depends on who you ask and I think it you know, it is a bit of a I really believe the ultimate problem was that the format originally was built around trying to get Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson there. That was really all they thought about and you know that's not important to try to get to people there and If there are other reasons and growing the game and all that kind of stuff and getting other countries to put money into developing things have happened, but I think it would happen even more if you brought in that team elements. Right now and looking at the leaderboard. Xander's Andrew Shop has a one struck stroke lead over a decade and a two shot lead over Paul Casey and Carlos O. T s three shot lead over Sebastian Yunos, Rory McIlroy and my man Mito P era of Chile and Texas Tech University. I liked this leaderboard. Unlike you, and unlike my buddy over here, I've enjoyed staying up late. I've enjoyed the golf this weekend. What's not to enjoy? It's a good leader. Port. Don't get me wrong. It's Yeah, I understand. We have a great leader board. Really? When you think about how depleted the field was. I just think that when you look at listen Ed when I went to Rio When I went to the golf course. Every day I watch the golf. It was fine. I went to other sports at night. And the energy, the excitement, the drama. The Passion was so different than the golf in the golf that will be there in the final round, but leading up to that point, it's just not there and and even leading up to the games. I think that's another thing. We forget A lot of the The importance of getting golf from the Olympics is all the stuff that happens in the build up to the games, and there was just nothing this year. No no interest in that because it's just going off the world rankings. And so, yeah, we're going to have a good finish tonight. If you can stay up, even though there's no energy and no fans, no fans, no fans, which I do think you have to keep those things in mind, too. There's other elements. That go into trying to build this into something that the sport can be proud of. Yeah, they need to make it where it feels a little bit more like a major. Now to heck. He had a key Matsuyama. It's got to feel like a major. Can you imagine if he is the master champion in the Olympic gold medal winner? That's Yeah, it's off big harder tonight, but but great pressure. I mean, he put himself in position and that's huge. Jeff, Let's talk quickly about the four majors this year. I think it's been a pretty good year for the majors. I mean, you start out with Matsuyama. You followed by Phil, which was just a complete shock, and then Jon Rahm coming back from Covid and winning the US Open. And then more Qallab winning the British Open. I mean, that's a pretty good year of the majors..

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