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But i do think you'll see tap and the islanders and all these teams kind of make their moves. Somebody told me to that. Montreal might not be done. That berge oven still wants to make his team better. Yup and it fits his m all right geeze not afraid and he's made the move to say we're going back to the playoffs. I have a few questions about the status of players yup You mentioned the taxi squad. There were a couple of things that i wonder about here. One is if a player test positive. Ah-ha what is his status and what happens to his cap hit. I haven't read the document yet. do you know okay. So there's there's a couple of the one thing. I did notice here. Is that if a player test. Positive teams are allowed to put him on l. T. i. r. right away. Normally you need the approval of a doctor and a players entitled to a second opinion if you wanna go into onto l. t. are because if you're on their the team can go over the cap by your hit normal. You need doctor's approval to do that for this year. You're allowed to immediately put the player on l. tr. Sue you can use their cap space however if you put the player on our he has to stay on it for ten games are twenty four days right okay. The one thing about this year is jeff is that you could play games a lot. Fewer than twenty four days. The even though we haven't seen the final schedule yet it's going to be pretty compressed. But that's the workaround that they've created. You don't need permission from a doctor to put Someone who test positive on l. tr. You can do it right away. You just know you lose them for the minimum amount of time. The other thing that. I wonder about here. Elliott is what happens with trades now. The deadline is april twelfth yup and given the reality of the canadian teams and the the us based teams. What happens to a player that gets traded from the rangers to the haves or do we see minimal movement because of what that would entail. I've been told that there's no restrictions on trades but you have to follow all quarantine roles so if a player has to come into canada. So let's say the sharks and the canadians make a trade. Yep if the player has to cross the border he has to fall quarantine rule rules before he can play for the canadians. Same for the sharks really right. So what happens to that cap hit while the player is quarantine that i cannot answer as we do this because all this brings up a lot of questions about status of players. Like what are you during quarantine. What are you vis-a-vis the the the cap During quarantine it's funny when when the vancouver issue popped up over the weekend texted someone with the crack and said connects to seattle and they texted back would make scouting a lot easier. The expansion draft. July twenty first. So here's the other complication to all this. Not only do. General managers need to stick handle essentially an entire new. Cba try to fit in games. Try to keep everybody as healthy as possible but also do so knowing that there is an expansion draft on the horizon. Does the expansion draft complicate a lot of things now for a lot of teams. Well i think what it does is we've talked about. This is a huge huge advantage for the seattle cracking. This is a big big win for them and everybody knows it. They're in a situation where people were saying. We're not gonna make the same mistakes we did with vegas and now they're going to have a lot of opportunities to do things. It's a big win for the crack and what people should know now also. Is that if you had a no move clause that meant that your team had to protect you for the expansion draft unless you gave them written permission for otherwise It now extends through july twenty first so because normally these contracts end on june thirtieth had a no move clause for this year only it extends through july twenty first and also the thresholds for because you know there are certain players you have to make available terms of experience in terms of games played over this year and last year. Those thresholds have been adjusted to count for the smaller schedule. Elliott players have already received the paycheck direct yes. They received a paycheck in at the end of october. What happens to that money if a player opts out that money was agreed to if you were on a reserve list at the end of last year at the trade deadline you were getting that money and the tolling issue as well a big part of all this. Well basically what happens. Is this if you have like a legitimate medical reason for not playing this year you will be paid you know otherwise. The teams have the right to decide. Are we keeping your contract or are we letting it run for the year. Gotcha okay couple. More things quickly Some dates trade deadline april. The twelfth schedule runs january thirteenth. To may the eight we mentioned the expansion draft july twenty first Nhl draft july twenty third and twenty four. Th the night of the opening ceremonies in night of the opening ceremonies as well Very good. Can i tell you a funny story about this. Yeah shoot. I heard about this. The the opening ceremonies. I had a buddy once was in a bar in new york on the night of the opening ceremonies in atlanta..

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