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Three South give busy at the bottom connecting 2028 in Burlington. We won north, sluggish Essex to Main Street in Saugus, David said. Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes. Thank you, David. And now the four day WBZ AKI Weather forecast Here's AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Samuel. Afternoon. Nice weather to round out the weekend. We'll see intervals of clouds and sunshine. Warm temperatures. The key here will have highs of 70 to 74. Although towards Cape Cod, it will be cooler but temperatures in the low sixties tonight clouds return and we'll have a few showers as well below 56 cloudy skies tomorrow can't rely to stray shower but the cool weather the big story, 58. That's it for the high Tomorrow. Mostly cloudy Tuesday as well with the high 57 Next storm system arrives of rain Wednesday The Hytner 60 such unexpected Thursday, the high 61 I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Samuel WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio Hazy sunshine Right now, 74 degrees and Wave it 75 in Woburn and 73 in Boston, Quincy and Cambridge. A Subaru of New England Go green event is going on. Now it's 1 25. The target has superhuman abilities. It had the same marking you do call that is the trailer to the latest Mortal Kombat film. Now the first one was back in 1997, based on a very popular video game, Syriza. Not being a player. I really don't have any idea who these characters are. But basically the plot involves 1/17 century Japanese Chinese rivalry between godlike figures who fight to the death one being the epitome of all things evil, the other being noble, so flash forward to the present day and you have the realm of the Outworld, which is defeated Earth realm. That's us. In nine of 10 Deathmatch tournaments called Mortal Kombat. If we lose the last one, we lose everything. The entire world goes up in smoke, So we need a hero and he happens to be a descendant of the great Japanese nobleman. Mortal Kombat. Not for everyone. But if you love the game, you'll love the movie that's now streaming with Jordan WBZ.

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