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Months never happened and it wasn't because of that speech but if I did not tell the truth if I wasn't transparent. I didn't ask something of them. starbucks would not have transformed itself yeah and so leadership also is about having the confidence in your people to understand and being with with you. The other thing is I was very vulnerable in front of ten thousand people and I think leaders especially men have a hard time demonstrating inning vulnerability and I think it's a strength of character. Not a weakness and people come to come to you when you're vulnerable yeah I. I have two more but I know I'm reading right now. Yeah I agree. I have one. I have a bunch. I'm obsessed with it and so there and I'm talking for like the great young entrepreneurs when we do this podcast. That's my inspiration and they don't get to hear someone like you very often. You build an empire conglomerate and you build it through great people. How important a is people in an organization one and two if Howard Howard Schultz was twenty two at a B. School or just out of graduate you graduated from school and you're broke like a lot of our listeners. We all were broke right. What what advice would you give yourself or twenty two twenty three year old on how to impress someone a coward. If I want to get a job in your offices Seattle so so first off Alex I do not have a business degree. neither do I. I visited me three yeah so nice. Everything I've learned in a sense I learned learned growing up and and learn from others so what I've told my own kids. is first off. You have to find something that you really love and you can't fake and I got to be really curious about the world and put yourself selves in situations where you're uncomfortable. You're meeting. People were not part of your sphere of influence and be curious as possible about the world in terms so in coming into starbucks about interviewing for jobs when pressing me I'm not concerned about your resume. Away went to college. I want to know about your life. I want to know about your personal story. you know one of the questions. I I ask everyone. I've ever interviewed is tell me the book you're reading and I'm I'm not so sure they just want to know. I want to know more about you. I'm when I'm when I'm always looking for is people who are hungry people people who are willing to sacrifice for the company and every one of us is going to make a hiring mistake mistake and the hardest thing for an entrepreneur anyone one in business is to realize that you made the higher mistake because you convince yourself that you can change that person and more often than not you can't so one. One of the lessons of entrepreneurship in all aspects of business is if you're GONNA fail fail fast yeah and admit it and move on yeah and try not to make that that mistake again but but there isn't a business that I know of any business that is not skewed towards the values and behavior of people and the people must be aligned must be facing the same direction and everything about behavior matters and everyone everyone's is is on the leader and so live your life like the cameras on yeah. Did you have another question for you. Go last question Okay Alaska and maybe a short unbelievable. Oh you kidding me for your team. They're fantastic. We we love. We love our shows. We Love starbucks and homecoming for me so I'm happy to be here in a great mood Howard when you think about the early mid eighties thought about this dream that you had and by the way you didn't tell us that you had to convince Sherry to you. GotTa come with me honey to Seattle because there's something she's like. I'm not going to anyway. That's another conversation but when you thought about your performance you get your. Mba guys to right. Here's the three five seven-year performa you left something out and it was going into communities. African American Communities Hispanic communities like my community and for whatever reason to three or five dollar starbucks. Maybe wasn't in the plans a guy a six foot nine point guard comes into your office right. Magic Johnson says I can be your partner. You've never franchise at the point right. What about Magic's pitch right convinced you obviously it was a very successful hundred and twenty five stores then you bought back. My question is tell tell me about Magic's pitching what you thought. When you walk into your store sure so I had a mutual friend who said one day that that Magic Johnson wants to come to Seattle meet you so you mentioned the Michael. Jordan store said I'm absolutely worse you know so so Irvin Magic Johnson walks in and you know his personality he is a few yeah and and he had a genuine genuine concern for bringing quality premium products into underserved communities and he said I'm coming here to invite you to something I want to invite you to a movie theater owned in La and I said so we later we met magic. We had dinner We knew what he what he wanted to do. What the pitch was and he said I want to show you come to the movie theater so he was involved at the time. I don't remember the company Sony Anne Theater Okay so guber yeah so he took me there. and what I saw was the without question the fact that he and his understanding the African American community specifically skewed towards doing something for for them that they would not have had access to so for me it was it wasn't so much magic. Although it was it was an opportunity opportunity to bring starbucks to underserved communities in a way that at the time we didn't quite understand. We didn't have the the the knowledge of how to do UH. I think we have the license to do. We didn't so we needed. I think an ambassador and and magic turned out to be exactly what he said he would be. He showed up and he was real. we had a great partnership and then as we got bigger and more scale got into other businesses. It was just an opportunity. I think think to realize we did great things together. We're still friends today but magic opened up the door to some underserved communities for us and it was the only time we did anything like that and and Jordan's wedding and so I'm still friends with urban still we're both rooting for Michigan State yeah. I think we both probably be at that game on Sunday. If they play Duke I know Howard representing over sixty million Hispanics and having starbucks all over our community entities yeah. We love it and we thank you for. Can I come when we're starting so I was in Miami two weeks ago. Okay and you know I have a an endeavor. We're going on right now about thinking of running for president. I think I heard something about that Alice. Did you know that I did and then by the way the peoples of means thing. You got roasted for that you know. I think it'd be fantastic. Thank you so while I was in Miami. I gave a speech at Miami. Dade it college okay yeah and then after that I was invited to Vicki's bakery in the Cuban section of Miami okay and I had an extraordinary opportunity to talk to about one hundred people in front of this very famous Cuban bakery and all I heard all all afternoon was these greats American stories of Cuban Americans who had come from Cuba and realized great success and so when I hear the President President talking about the downside of Immigration what I experienced that day gave gave me great hope and understanding about the power of immigration and these wonderful cuban-americans. I love that that's been tasked love that yeah yeah all right you ready for a little rapid fire. New Yorker Matt Matt Your Mind. You're fine. I'll start easy what what's up with the sizes. I don't WanNa say I never say the names. Let's head to have its own land. You should actually run for president be like hey listen. If I become President I will change it back to small medium and large. I've vote for you. I have no involvement with starbucks but okay I mean we created a language in America but it's I mean I always say small medium. WanNa know what you mean right okay so they get your name right most. That's what name do you give. I always get my real name. Yeah yeah exactly I worry last-named cats. I'm a bigger guy okay and you're about to have a son. I understand yes so will he be little cat. Yes he will until big and then he will. I don't know what he'll be. Maybe Tiger Tiger okay yeah. What about Oh. I actually thought of this while you're talking about the roasters you talk about innovation with the row stories. What have we had a person at the front door. Who just made fun of you when you walked in the door and roasted you? You said you were in innovation a you. In the way you walk in. It's just he just urine ugly. You know and just yells at you and then boom. You're in the rosary. I I think we will pass on that. Okay all right. That's fine Alex Miss sometimes it tops don't fit and I still that's a problem. Okay said saw a problem. We've had that problem. I think I think it's been fixed but I apologize scheduled on your pants yeah every now and then yeah yeah next time it happens chimney cleaning bill okay there we go I actually have something door. Forego the the cleaning cleaning bill the ice ice coffee. It's not uniform so sometimes they'll be like a little luke warm and then sometimes it'd be too much ice. I need a uniform. I know how much I getting. How much ice would you like. I'd like a good amount of ice where it doesn't like sometimes it's at the end. You're drinking like this weird weird gross lukewarm. There's no one is left so we're. GonNa have to work in the okay the straws. Are you GonNa do pay us or you know we're. We're and actually doing that now. I believe what about Metal Strauss people don't like metal stores because they could hurt kids a metals if the future father. I'm I agree with you. There okay I don't even know how that works that this. The big straws are sometimes a little too big. They're like actually all the time because they're the same size they're like. Maybe half an inch too big so we're going to take that back Yep. Okay you got that one. Just keep that What about getting my dad brain dump literature okay. This one kind of doesn't make sense but it makes a lot of sense. Have you ever thought about serving McDonald's French fries starbucks. Take the best thing for me. Donald let me think about that starbucks. I know now okay. That's a good idea though that's a really good idea bulls. It's bull culture blows eating things get ahead of that and Macho matches big. Get ahead of that yeah. That's a big idea. That's a big one more Norah Jones in every starbucks big nor Jones it just set the mood feels like and then my last one what about J..

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