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In the second half hour we're going to talk to Steve Robinson is the long time marquee TV's out now but was the long time marketing chief at chick fillet and he's a got a sort of a memoir out about his time there should be a lot the chick fillet is a fascinating company to me I don't like I'd die I'd like some of what they stand for I don't like some of the other things they stand for but they're wildly successful wildly the most popular fast food restaurant chain in this country how did that happen we'll talk to Steve Robinson coming up right now look at the news headlines in in the newsroom here tend to shovel police are investigating after a man's body was found in the Chicago River on the city's northwest side fire officials say emergency crews were called this morning to the fifteen hundred block of west Webster about a person in the water the victim was discovered and was pronounced dead at the scene and the app A. A. announced this morning that operations at Ronald Reagan Washington national airport will be suspended on July fourth in the evening between six fifteen and seven forty five eastern time for the independence day fly overs in the nation's capital this year's festivities will be a little different from those of the past and only will they'll be a music festival with patriotic and pop songs performances and fireworks there will also be a military parade with those flyovers I mentioned with some tanks and a speech from the president and also a V. I. P. section and service measures union Pacific Northwest line is up and running with extensive delays hours after a pedestrian was struck and killed by a train in northwest suburban carry the deadly collision happened this morning and the victim is a female both metro and Kerry police are.

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